You have seen Commencal Super Rider Stefanie Klostermeier in the video "Beyond", where she was chaperoned by on Madeira Island. (Bikulture is a local shop in Madeira Island that organizes biketrips on its island.) Check out the video below if you need to jog your memory.

Bikezilla is lucky to have an opportunity to interview Steffi. During the interview, we noticed one very inspirational trait about her and it made us feel that she is also a perfect role model for students who are into mountain biking. And that is – the discipline she possesses in order to juggle between excelling in the sport, managing studies in university while making time to handle part time jobs for her daily expenses. Read on to find out more about this pretty biker.







Full Name: Stefanie Klostermeier

Nickname: Steffi

Where are you fromI'm from Germany

Where do you stay currently: I stay most of the time in my hometown in Bavaria and travel to the races on the weekends

Occupation: Student

Age: 26 years

What bike discipline do you specialize in: Enduro and Downhill

Sponsor(s): Commencal, Sram, Continental, Kabuto, Adidas Eyewear, Evoc, CEP, Sponser

Team: Commencal Super Riders

Years riding: 3 Years






Current bike/and what parts stand out:

Meta AM 650B & Supreme DH, Sram Roam Wheels



Riding Achievements: 

3rd Place Madeira Downhill Cup 2014,

5th Place Swiss Downhill Cup




Favourite Riding Spots/Trails: 

Portes du soleil, Madeira Island



How long have you been with Commencal? 

This is my first year as Commencal Super Rider.




What does it take to be a Super Rider with Commencal?

I was at the Eurobike 2014 and met the people from Commencal. Guess they think I have some potentials … 



Do you have a mentor?

No mentor, but of course there are some people who inspired me a lot. Tracey Hannah who broke her collarbone several times last year, but she never gave up and came back a bit stronger every time. My friend Tanja Förtsch, she has so much positive energy. When we ride our bikes we push each other to the limits.



Please share with us how do you train on your cycling while having to juggle with other commitments.

There are some days I don’t know how to handle all the things I have to do. Beside my study, I have two part-time jobs. And I have to find time for my exercises (either working out at the gym or riding my bike) after work . To be honest, after a crazy day in the University I am pretty happy to go to the gym or ride my bike because these are my favourite activities. Of course, I feel really really lucky that my sponsors, friends and family support and helped me so much – that I can realize my dream. I wish to add that what I am doing now feels absolutely amazing! Thank you guys! Without you, this current lifestyle would be impossible for me!



Do you have any aspirations with regards to your cycling career?

I practice five to six days a week, travel to races which are often really far away. So I spent a lot of time and all my money in riding and racing my bike. My aspiration is to get better and better with every workout, every crash and every race, I don’t expect big improvements, my goal is to progress gradually.



Please describe the cycling scene in Germany. And how about Europe as a whole?

The cycling scene in Germany is pretty strong and is growing fast. A lot of woman are riding their bikes now, which is quite nice I think.



Would we see you switching to other riding disciplines any time soon?

Well, I think it’s a lot of fun to ride different disciplines. Maybe I will start Cross-Country race next season, just for fun. But my main focus will still be Enduro and Downhill races.



How would you motivate a new rider?

”Let´s ride together!”



How do you psyche yourself up before you do a race run?

I do not have a special method to prepare for a race. But rather, it's a number of small everyday details that I would pay attention to. For example, I'd try to minimize stress and bad influence, I also eat healthy and reflect on my inner self.



If you are to come out with a slogan to promote mountain biking / downhill riding. What would it be?

If you’re searching for an adventure, and you love meeting new cultures & people, or wants to learn something you thought you could never do? Then come and ride a mountain bike with me!



Any shoutouts for the mountain biking community?

Don’t waste your time, go ride your bike!


All photos and information by Stefanie Klostermeier and Motionstudios
Video by bikulture, Commercal, Evoc and Motionstudios