The backyard swimming pool will forever be a fixture of fun and entertainment for generations of kids and adults. For some of us, access to a swimming pool could be inconvenient – working hours make going to the pool inconvenient, dislike of a crowded swimming pool, the nearest swimming pool is still too far away … Whatever the reasons could be, it is hindering training time. Imagine your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set to the temperature you desire, with less chlorine than standard tap water, a pool that can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or out and used year-round for lap swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy and family fun.


The Endless Pool is the solution that allows for swimming in your own privacy and convenience. It may look like a Jacuzzi at first glance. But on closer inspection, the Endless Pool is fitted with an outlet that pushes water in one direction. Swimming towards this outlet would mean swimming against a continuous stream of water current. The Endless Pool is to swimming what a treadmill is to running. There are different ways to customize the setup to suit every house's needs.


Endless Pools are ideal for:

• Health and Fitness

• Triathlon Training

• Swimming and Water Exercise

• Aquatic Therapy

• Family Fun


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