Cycling is one sport that looks visually good. For a start, the bikes are usually built and speced to reflect the rider's personality. And then there are the team colours and designs on the jerseys and decals. Match these with an appropriate backdrop, and the essence of the sport comes alive. It is the appreciation of this artistic part of the sport that some bikers extended their love for the sport through videography and photography. While this combo is certainly not unique to cycling, it definitely adds colours to the sport. Bikezilla had met a handful of such outstanding videographer/photographer bikers in our riding years. We would want to feature them soon. Meantime, we start off with Seth Tan.



Name: Seth Tan

Nickname: Identiti Seth, Wheelie King.

Age: 20

Years cycling: 8

How often do you cycle: 1-2 days a week

Current riding discipline(s): Street, BSX and Downhill

Current bike : Identiti Mogul, Dobermann Supremacy

Sponsors: Race Control (Identiti Bikes, BOS Suspensions, Azonic, Halo, Alpinestars, Kenny Racing)

Affiliated Cycle Groups: Race Control, ITE College Central Mountain Bike Club.


Cycling Achievements:
Yew Tee Flatout Challenge 2010 – 2nd
Mettle Games Polygon Urban Downhill 2011 (Juniors) – 3rd
BikeTrial National Championship 2012 (Opens – MTB) – 2nd
Audi Urban Challenge 2012 (Full Suspension) – 3rd
Yew Tee Street Jam 2013 (Air Raid) – 3rd
Singapore Downhill Challenge 2013 (Opens) – 4th

Kiara Downhill Domination 2014 (Opens) – 5th
Hope BMX Race Series Final 2014 (BSX) – 1st
Tampines Bike Carnival 2014 (BSX) – 1st

Where do you usually cycle:
East Coast Park and Tampines Trail I used to frequent the BMX Track at Tampines Bike Park too  but it's gone now so I go to Gangsa Hill instead. I like Gangsa Hill because it has a good mixture of speed and technical challenges.


Memorable contributions to the Cycling Community:
Featured on Youth.SG with title "Competitive Biking"
President, ITE College East Cycling Club (2011-2012)
President, ITE College Central Mountain Bike Club (2014)
I also did a lot of event coverage 
videography from 2013 onwards. They can be viewed at my Youtube channel
In addition, I did some videos on technical how-tos for biking. The episode "How to Wheelie" is one of the more popular. One and my favorite video edit is "Gravity Series Round 2"


What do you think the Cycling Community need most currently:
A replacement for Tampines Bike Park, FAST.


And how do you think you can help:
I hope that I can promote cycling and share my passion for the sport through my videos.


Any other areas which you wish someone could also help look into?
It would be good to have more helping hands and support from the community in local events.


Tell us more about your cycling groups/team:
Race Control consists of 2 riders. The team actively supports local cycle-related events via sponsorships and participation.
ITE College Central Mountain Bike Club's goal is to set a benchmark for schools that has intention to set up their own bike clubs. We want to promote safety in biking and share our passion to the world. The club volunteered in various local events and helped in different roles. When the occasion arise, the club would also help to edit simple event videos to share the memories of the event.


Tell us something about yourself:
I started riding XC on a 2011 model Scott Scale 35. After some time, I got interested in the technical challenges that street riding offers and so I got myself a Scott Voltage YZ3. As I improved myself on this new discipline, I was  noticed by Dobermann Bikes and they sponsored me with a Dobermann Pinscher. They changed my frame a few times, and I tried a Dobermann LePink (the only piece in Asia) and a Dobermann Supremacy which I am rioding currently. During this time, I ventured into downhill riding and got myself a Mongoose Boot'r. That was when Race Control contacted me to join their team. I now uses an Identiti Mogul downhill bike sponsored by them. 

Besides cycling, I have crazy passion for filmmaking and aerial videography. My effort to merge my 2 passions is never-ending!

Any adventures or funny stories to share:
I fried my GoPro 3 when I tried to charge it while flying my drone! The Gopro 3 ended its service with me with an epic moment of magic smoke. 

I then got myself a GoPro 3+ the following week and went to Korea with my drone. It which was the worst idea ever! I ended up with a crashed drone and got into trouble with the Korean police and armed force all in one day. I was flying the drone over a restricted mountain area …


Message to the cycling community:
If you can't stop thinking about doing that sick trick, don't stop working towards it!



Follow Seth at:


Twitter: SethLovesBikes

Instagram: SethLovesBikes, RaceControlSG


We felt Seth's enthusiasm every time we speak to him, including this interview. Never a person that would shy away from the lime-light, he was spontaneous and eager with his responds with us. While some may think he is over-zealous about his passion, we think that the bike community should have more of such personalities to make it even more vibrant. Ride and Roll Seth.


All photos and information by Seth Tan