The Bikezilla component tester bike has been sporting Funn components for a long-term review. And we liked that we are able to review a system, not just individual components, when it comes to choosing the various items of the cockpit. All these items work together to serve the rider in terms of fit and comfort – which translate to performance and efficiency during rides. Read on for our review on our Funn Components cockpit.





Ever experienced your hands feeling numb during long rides? That's due to you using a handlebar that doesn't fit your natural hand position and placing too much weight on the bar and too little weight on the saddle.

A bar with zero back sweep almost usually doesn't work as that would make your riding position too near to the bar at neutral riding position. Different rider have different natural hand position during riding. And components manufacturers usually produce handle bars with different back sweeps to suit the different groups of riders.

Besides the back sweep differences, the length of the handlebar is also important to the overall fit. Too wide a bar would make your arms too wide apart and hinder maneuverability as well as shift the rider's weight too up front towards the handle bar. At the same time, a wider bar can allow for a more aggressive riding style as it allows the rider to actively use the rest of the body easily. And  it also allows for more forgiving and mellower handling. On the other hand, shorter handle bars feel quicker on the steering, and is popular with riders of fast rolling and speedier bikes.

For riders who like technical trails and some occasional drops and airs, a wide bar that allows them to space their hands approximately at shoulder position ( or thereabout) is the most optimal in terms of handling and strength transfer.

The choice of handle bars is best discussed with choice of stems. Stem length affects the handling of the bike in relation to the overall reach of the bike. In short, it means that the first step is always to find a frame which is best fit you in terms of reach. Reach is determined largely by the top tube length of the bike. With the right frame size, a fitting stem would create wonders for your overall ride handling.

A long stem would make the ride more predictable while a short stem would make the ride quicker (sometimes nervous or twitchy). In recent times, many riders prefer to use a frame that is slightly longish and matching it with a super short stem. This result in a bike that feels stable and sure footed yet having responsive handling.




Besides the front end of the bike, the saddle and seat post complete the fit for the bike. With the introduction of dropper post, seat height becomes less of an issue during rides as rider can now change the seat height at different sections of the ride for best performance.

A properly extended leg stroke produces the most power. At the same time, lowering the seat during descents or more technical sections provides the clearance needed for an unobstructed maneuver.

While the saddle's rail allows a small degree of adjustment for the rider to fit and shift the neutral riding weight optimally, this sliding range may not satisfy all riders. There would be cases where the rider prefers to have his/her weight shifted a little more backward. That is when a laid back seat post comes into play.

Securing the seat post to the frame is the job of the seat clamp. For those using dropper post, a seat clamp's job would simply be … clamping the seat post tight while staying lightweight – nothing more. But for those who still prefer the fuss-free old school seat post, a seat clamp should also possess the capability for efficient, quick and easy releasing/locking, on top of being light and tight.


We now check out how the Funn components cock pit fared.





The Fatboy Supreme handlebar is an alloy handlebar that applies quintuple butting process to ensure a fine and homogeneous grain structure. The outcome is a light-weight and strong construction. The sand blasting finish is not just for the look, it also helps to release the stress during the tubing process. The hard anodize coating makes the surface more robust. We were happy with the stiffness of the alloy bar. But the 810 mm seems generally too wide for average Asians. The 785mm would be a better choice. The graphic on the bar is also a deal sealer!

The Fatboy Supreme comes in 31.8mm and 35mm diameter. We tested the 35mm one and think that was one of the main reasons why we felt the evident improvement in stiffness as compared to other handle bars we used.

As a rider who prefers the occasional lift and hops, this writer prefers the 30 mm rise which allows for easier shifting of body weight. The Fatboy Supreme comes in 30mm / 18mm / 7mm rise, a standard 4 deg upsweep and 8 deg backsweep and weighs approximately 285 grams. Choice of colours: Whiskey / Black.

Another option, beside the Fatboy Supreme handle bar would be the Fatboy handle bar which comes in more colours and slight difference in specifications.







For our component tester bike, we chose the shortest available Funnduro Stem – 35 mm extension, so that it matches well with the rest of the geometry of the bike and give the rider a quick, responsive steering while maintaining optimal bike fit. The Funnduro stem has an up-swing angle design that shifts bar pressure from falling directly to the lower bolts to the stem pieces, resulting in a sturdier stem. The unique Funn Silver Lining highlight makes the stem stands out from the crowd, but we do have mixed opinions on it. It was a love-it-or-hate-it design from what we gathered.

We tightened all the bolts to 6NM and it has been holding on reliably so far. The highlighted Silver Lining sides may look "fierce" at first impression but the edges are well beveled. Totally friendly.

On the technical specifications front, this stem has what it takes to be shortlisted for that dream custom-build of yours. Weighing in at approximately 112 grams (35 mm), it will satisfy the weight conscious without sacrificing strength. The stem is full CNC machined from 6061 alloy and available in 35mm, 45mm and 60mm extensions. Bar clamp diameter comes in 31.8mm and 35mm. Available colors: Red / Orange / Blue / Black / Gray.






This saddle is handsome! Slim as it looks, it is comfortable and totally capable of good support even for long epic rides. We had been using this saddle with and without padded shorts and it has been easy on our bottoms.

The Adlib Saddle's handsome looks is due to its cool colour combinations and an embossed texture with glossy stripe design. The vinyl leather with hard PP base saddle is also 100% water resistant and is matched with a pair of chromoly rails. It comes in 4 different color choices: Red / Orange / Blue / Black and weighs 239 grams.




Funn designed this seat post and named it Block Pass borrowing the term from Moto X which trickled down to MTB 4X use eventually. They think that this post is "sly, dirty, but right on!" as it will help the rider with better controls and maneuver that's needed for a good ride, or a good win. The post is made with a forged body which guarantees strength. It has adjustable set back and seat angle. The big bolts ensures a strong connection with the saddle.

The post comes in 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameter, choice of 350 and 400 mm length and weighs 39 grams. The laid back distance is adjustable at 15-20-25mm.Colours available: Red / Orange / Blue / Black / Grey.

As we are using a bike with longer than usual top tube, the laid back post made the cock pit a tad too spacious for our medium sized Asian riders. As such, we recommend the Block Pass seat post for frames that are made with the more "conventional" sizing. Or for riders who wants to make their cock pit slightly more spacious after getting bored with their current set up. 



The Frodon seat clamp first came out as a bolt -on type seat clamp and is now offered a quick-release version. For trail and enduro mountain biking, we prefer the quick-release version.

The Frodon looks good and does its duties well. It's quick release mechanism is smooth and it clamps firm! It comes in 31.8 mm and 34.9 diameter (36 grams and 39 grams respectively) with stainless steel bolts for reliability and strength. Colours available: Red / Orange /  Blue / Black / Grey.

While we are convinced with its mechanical reliability, and happy with its detailing and looks, we find the quick-release lever a little long. While this did indeed gave us good leverage when opening and closing the level, that protruding level – though pointed at an angle and tucked away right under the saddle, still gave us some reason to worry at first. But this worry could be considered "uncalled for" as the level is curved inward, near to the curve of the seat tube and the seat clamp is situated at an location of the bike that we normal cannot reach during riding.

In the case of more hard core riding and riders playing with lots of air and gravity, where their seats are slammed low. The seat clamp would still be tucked out of the way. 

And for those who do not need the quick-release function, the bolt-on Frodon is a pretty inconspicuous and good looking seat clamp.




We are clearly happy with our component tester bike decked out with a full Funn component cockpit. It works for us and looks good! And we are sure you will like them too. Just make sure you choose the right components for that best fit based on your preferred riding style. For more information on Funn components, check out their website at



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