Riding the streets of Las Piñas and shredding the competition!



Those who know him personally regarded him as a good friend, big brother and mentor when it comes to BMX riding. For those who had not met Dan Lopez personally, meeting him for the first time may give some misleading impression about this BMX champ. With his small physique, his usual snapback with t-shirt and jeans styling, this 25 year-old looked younger than his actual age. But as soon as he mounts his bike, he transforms into a super-star on wheels. That's Dan from Las Piñas Philippines.


In a recent visit to Singapore, we had a brief chat with him about riding BMX. Dan prefers to show us how he rides with his video edits. We managed to squeeze some additional information from this unassuming rider who works at a tattoo parlour by day and shreds the BMX scene whenever he is free to ride. Wanna know more about Dan? Watch how he rides and check out his short interview with us.



(A quick look at the BMX scene in Las Piñas City)



(See how Dan rides his favourite riding spot)



(Dan Lopez joins Rayxtreme in Singapore)




Name: Daniel A. Lopez

Nickname: Dan

Age: 25 year old

Years cycling: 7 years BMX

Current riding disciplines: BMX Park, Street and Dirt

Current bike :Volume Bikes with Demolition and Premium components 

Sponsors: Rayxtreme, G-spot skatepark, G-FORM Pads Philippines, Turbohectic Clothing, Liquid Image Philippines

Affiliated Cycle Group/Team: Rayxtreme (Singapore) and Scrapbikes (Philippines)





Cycling Achievements (When we asked Dan to try to list as many of the competitions he joined and won over the years he started to ride competitively, we were pleasantly surprised that he came up with such a long list! Truly a professional and a champ in our books!):

  • 1st Place BMX Half Pipe Pro Category, Phil Bike Expo 2014, November 15 – 16, 2014, World Trade Center Manila
  • BMX Best Trick, Phil Bike Expo 2014, November 15 – 16, 2014, World Trade Center Manila
  • 4th Place Extreme Amazement National Extreme Sports Qualifier, June 7 – 8 2014, RAVE Pasig Skatepark
  • 2nd Place BMX Park CategorySkycable "Bikes Boards Bands" Year 2, May 31, 2014, Makati City
  • 1st Place BMX street CategorySan Pedro Dirt Crew MTB and Bmx Dirt and Street Jam 2014, April 26, 2014 Parkview Subd., Brgy. GSIS, San Pedro Laguna
  • 1st Place Dirt jump CategorySan Pedro Dirt Crew "MTB and Bmx" Dirt and Street Jam 2014, April 26, 2014 Parkview Subd., Brgy. GSIS, San Pedro Laguna
  • Champion BMX Class A CategoryGC BMX Street Summer Jam 2014, April 5, 2014 Kalayaan park Tay-Tay Rizal
  • 3rd Place BMX Street Class A CategoryMalolos city Bike Festival, January 25, 2014 Malolos City Bulacan Sports Convention Center
  • 3rd Place Open Class Boxjump CategoryMalolos City Bike Festival, January 25, 2014 Malolos City Bulacan Sports Convention Center
  • 1st Place Class A CategoryDestroy BMX Clothing BMX Street Competition, December 21, 2013 Giguinto Bulacan
  • 5th Place BMX Box Jump CategoryCobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season II Grand Finals, October 26, 2013 Luneta RPark Manila
  • 5th Place Street BMX Category, Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season II Grand Finals, October 26, 2013 Luneta RPark Manila
  • 1st PlaceSKY Bikes Boards Bands, September 28, 2013, Nuvali Republic Wakepark Sta Rosa Laguna
  • Top 20, Asian Extreme Sports Championship 2013, June 29 – 30 2013, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • 2nd place Street BMX Category, Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season II 1st Leg, May 18, 2013, Marikina Riverpark
  • 2nd place BMX Boxjump Category, Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season II 1st Leg, May 18, 2013, Marikina Riverpark
  • ChampionDaragang Magayon X Playground,  April 27, 2013, Embarcadero Mall Legazpi Bicol Albay
  • 2nd Place BMX Halfpipe Category, Red Horse Beer Pambansang Musiklaban Extreme Sports, 2 February 2013, Roxas Blvd. Cor Edsa Extension
  • 2nd Place BMX Boxjump Category, Red Horse Beer Pambansang Musiklaban Extreme Sports, 2 February 2013, Roxas Blvd. Cor Edsa Extension
  • Champion BMX Category, G-Spot Pinoy Subculture, October 27, 2012, Antonina Township San Nicolas 2, Bacoor City, Cavite
  • Champion Street CategoryCobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season 1, September 30, 2012, SM by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia
  • Champion Boxjump Category, Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour Season 1, September 30, 2012, SM by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia
  • 2nd Place Street Category Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour 2nd Leg, July 7, 2012, SM southmall, Las Piñas City
  • Top 10 Finalist, Cobra Urge Ride Rules Tour 1st Leg, June 23, 2012, SM Masinag Antipolo City
  • 2nd PlaceWetlook BMX Clothing "Issshnakeeyyy Jam", June 9, 2012, Pelota Court BF Resort Las Piñas City
  • 2nd Place2nd Annual H.E.S.A Skate & Bmx Competition, May 19, 2012, Hagonoy Bulacan
  • 2nd PlaceMagayon X Playground, April 28, 2012, Legazpi Bicol Albay
  • ChampionEXTREME Footwork Skateboard and Bmx Event, March 4, 2012, AFP Housing Ph 2, C5 Road Taguig City
  • Top 5 FinalistFrenzy Extreme, May 20 – 21, 2011, SM Mall of Asia Pasay City
  • 2nd PlaceMFF-X Fest Taytay, February 18, 2011,  MX Mesiah Fairgrounds, Club Manila East Taytay
  • Champion, Vert CategoryRed Horse Beer – Urge Super X Finals @ Muziklaban Grand Finals,  January 28, 2012, Aseana Park, Paranaque City
  • 4th Place2012 Yessv XGame Competition, January 15, 2012, Ballecer, Zone 2 Signal Vill Taguig
  • 2nd PlaceStrong South Youth Fest, December 30, 2012, Candelaria Municipal Gym
  • 2nd Place, Skatepark Category, Red Horse Urge Super X Series, November 19, 2012,  Pacific Mall Cabanatuan, N.E
  • 1st Place, Vert Category,   Red Horse Urge Super X Series, November 18, 2012, Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna
  • ChampionMagayon X playground, April 10, 2011, Legazpi Bicol Albay
  • ChampionDirt is Good, March 19 – 20, 2011, Portofino Area Daang Reyna
  • 5th PlaceRedhorse Super X Series, January 22, 2011, Pasay City
  • 2nd PlaceRedhorse Super X Series, November 29, 2010, Sta, Lucia Cainta, Rizal
  • 1st PlaceZoo York The Grind, October 16, 2010, Marquee Mall Angeles,Pampanga
  • Top 5 Finalist, AXF Bike Wars, September 25-26, 2010, Wesgate, Alabang Muntinlupa City
  • 4th PlaceRedhorse Super X series, June 12, 2010, Malolos, Bulacan
  • Champion & Best TrickH.E.S.A Skate & BMX Competiton, June 4, 2011, Hagonoy, Bulacan
  • 3rd PlaceParugang BMX Dirt Competiton, May 15, 2011, Angeles Pampanga
  • Champion, BMX Street Category, April 19,2010, Malvar Batangas BMX Dirt & Street Competition  
  • 2nd Place, Parugang BMX Dirt Competiton, June 27, 2010, Angeles Pampanga
  • 2nd Place, Batangas BMX Dirt Competiton, February 7, 2010, Tinga Labac
  • Champion & Best TrickPelota Booking Jam, January 24, 2010, Las Piñas City
  • Top 5 finalistBMX University Street & Boxjump Competition, December 20, 2009
  • 2nd PlaceRedhorse Super X series, September 2009, Sta, Lucia Cainta, Rizal
  • 2nd PlaceFlipbykes 2k8, December 20, 2008, SM Mall of Asia Pasay City
  • 2nd PlaceLaguna Drunk Punk! Dirt Competition, May 2009

(Ed: that's a sick long list of achievements!)





Dan Lopez BMX Video Edit from Jawiman Concept on Vimeo.

(Interview of Dan on how he started his BMX riding and about his winning streaks. In Tagalog)




How often do you cycle?

4 times a week. I ride every weekend because those are my off days, and also on days that I do not have to work.



Tell us about your riding routine at Las Piñas City

Las Piñas City is a small town, we have a little spot here called Pelota Skatepark which is near my house. We have many riders here and they are good at street riding. We also like to ride the streets at night. My local riding group – Scrapbikes – are like brothers to me. We show and teach each other new tricks all the time and it's great motivation. It always feels great to ride with them.


How do you go about attempting and learning a new trick?

First I watch videos on the internet. Then I search for the easiest and safest way on how to do before attempting it.



Can you recall how you learn your first trick? How difficult was it to you?

My first trick was the Bunnyhop. It felt so difficult to learn back then and my whole body aches after the practice.



Which do you prefer: park, street or dirt?

I would like to quote a line from Connor Lodes.

"I hate how BMX is so labeled these days. Street rider, ramp rider, dirt rider. No dude, I’m a bike rider. I ride everything. I love it, I grew up riding everything."

– Connor Lodes

What is the arrangement between Rayxtreme and yourself?

I will be participating in the RAYX Games every July. I am a rayxtreme rider now,  so I will be representing Rayxtreme for all the competitions I join here too.


If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

To meet the ALL the Pro BMX riders around the world!

In your riding years, have you encounter any dangerous or near-death incidents? Please tell us more about it.

No, I am so thankful because its always just minor injury.

What is your advise to beginners who just joined the cycling world on how to attempt technical obstacles and trail features?

To start off on the right foot, just concentrate on enjoying the ride and don't be pressurized to overcome the technical obstacles or trail features. You will know when you are ready for them.



Dan's quote to all cyclists:

If you want to become a good rider, believe that and you will be! Start now! Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.

Follow Dan Lopez on instagram and his facebook fan page Dan Lopez




All photos and video used with permission from Dan Lopez.