Just by reading the title alone, many readers would have exclaimed: "I don't know about you but I am only interested in the ride!". Bikezilla says: "You sure?"



Time for a reality check. There are more and more mountain bikers colour-matching their mountain bike components – fork, frame and wheelset all donning similar colour decals. Up one level and we have mountain bikers colour-matching their jerseys or tees with helmets which in turn colour-match their bikes! Cycle fashion is definitely alive! But this is where the road forks. Asian riders are generally seen wearing either spandex outfit, quick-dry tees with baggies or racing jerseys with baggies. While these are perfectly good functional dressing, they can be considered "common dress-codes" in bike parks and trails around the world, and they are not really suitable for other social occasions. There ought to be other choices… (Ed: The above description is only for illustration only and it is in no way restricted only to the mountain-biker group)


"Fashion Parade or Ride?" We heard you asking …

While the priority is still the technical aspects when it comes to cycling apparels (fast cooling, stretchability, toughness etc), how good one looks when donning such apparels is also important. As such, why not go for cycling apparels that look good on/off saddle and yet provide the technical features that are necessary? Here's an alternative for that different look – Club Ride! Not many in Asia would have owned or even heard of this brand, so here's a brief introduction of them.

In the spring of 2008, Club Ride founder Mike Herlinger had just finished another great ride on some of Sun Valley, Idaho’s epic, local singletrack. Basking in the post-ride afterglow, he realized he was running late and needed to get back to town to meet some friends at the local watering hole for a burger and some cold beers. Moment of decision: take the extra time to run home and change, or turn heads at the restaurant in his Lycra kit.

Opting for the wardrobe change, he arrived at home to ditch the Lycra and don more suitable attire.  When he grabbed one of his well-loved, vintage Western shirts, he had an idea. “How cool would it be if I could just ride in this shirt?” From that simple question, Club Ride was born and has been built on the conviction that cycling apparel can be both technical and stylish.

This above-mentioned is not uncommon to riders. Bikezilla is sure that if given a convenient solution to this above-mentioned scenario, many would have opted to ride and look good during and after the ride. And Club Ride – who has some cool collection – is coming to town!



Club Ride for the Asia-Pacific Market

Club Ride had engaged New Zealander Daniel Carruthers for consulting services with regards to distribution and marketing in the Asia-Pacific markets. Carruthers has extensive knowledge and connections in the Asia-Pacific region, creating numerous launch campaigns and developing marketing strategies for a variety of cycling brands.  He is also a familiar face on the Asian cycling scene. (Daniel's blog:

“We’re excited to have Daniel join our team as we continue our international expansion,” stated Scott Montgomery, Club Ride CEO.  “He is an accomplished, well-rounded addition to the Club Ride crew.  Having someone come from a marketing and tourism background, along with having extensive experience in the Asia-Pacific cycling industry, is very exciting.  We look forward to growing in this region with Daniel’s experience and knowledge.”

“I am thrilled to be working with a progressive brand like Club Ride, a brand that is helping to make cyclists look stylish on and off the bicycle, whether you’re a racer or a commuter.  Cycling is growing at a phenomenal rate in Asia and we believe the Club Ride brand will bring an element of coolness and functionality to the cycling community here,” stated Carruthers.

Club Ride is slated to start offering product in the Asia-Pacific region beginning with the 2015 Spring-Summer collection.


For those eager to check out Club Ride's collection, here's the link to their website:


So mountain bikers, street riders and urban commuters rejoice! Look out for Club Ride!



All Club Ride photos property of Club Ride. Daniel Carruthers' photo by DJC Media.