20 July 2014






Discover the Ride of Your Life …


Imagine living amongst lush greenery and only a stone's throw away (300m!) from the trail head, yet need not give up any urbanite creature comfort. That's a mountain biker's fantasy…. The guys at Rodalink probably had the same dream when they decided to collaborate with Eco Sanctuary to organize their exhibition at the condominium's sales gallery. Although a small exhibition, this exhibition rekindled one secret dream many of us would want to see come true – to live as near to our favourite mountain biking trails and yet not giving up modern day luxurious comfort. (Ed: The above scenario is just an illustration of a residential cluster that is just 200-300 m away from the trail head at ZhengHua Park and still available for purchase).


The exhibition is a win-win collaboration between Rodalink and Eco Sanctuary. Rodalink established themselves once again as the household name for a healthy and sporty lifestyle, and Eco Sanctuary reinforced their positioning as the choice for "luxurious eco living".


At the exhibition were Rodalink's latest products, like the Marin Attack Trail and Mount Vision, Polygon Collosus T8, Colnago AC-R and C60 road bikes and some light-weight trail bikes that are going at special prices.


Along with the bikes, are Mo:Rack – Rack and Trolley System for Folding Bicycles, Eline Home Trainer and Vertix Communication System for Cyclists.


Sunday is a day where there are many mountain bikers riding the trails near Chestnut Avenue. And the exhibition is a fresh addition to their day's itinerary with some games and giveaways as incentives. Bikezilla thinks such events are good additions to an otherwise routine Sunday and will look forward to more of them!


(Marin Attack Trail and Mount Vision)


(Polygon Colossus T8)


(Vertix Communication System)


(Mo:Rack Rack and Trolley System for Folding Bicycles)



(Eline Home Trainer)




Photos by Bikezilla and Rodalink Singapore