They made their first appearance in Yew Tee Street Challenge 2014. They went around helping out with the event and at the same time did some promotional works for Bikezilla. Their mission: To create awareness for Bikezilla (of course) and help increase the interaction level at the event itself. 


If we agree that Bikezilla is a free online portal that deals with everything about cycling, how then do we choose our Bikezilla girls? Are they real cyclist? Do they like cycling like we do?


Truth is, cycling is still a largely male dominant sports and getting serious female cyclists to help out in events as ambassadors could be a hard nut to crack. Bikezilla girls are generally models or talents who possess relatively good healthy looks and lead an active lifestyle, although they may not be "hardcore" cyclists. But all is not lost. We decided that they can also good information source for male cyclists. Bikezilla decide that we would risk the wrath of our female friends and ask them some questions that few men would ask – to avoid quarrels with their girl friends or wives or simply not wanted to be labeled a choosy MCP who simply wants everything his way. And we intend to ask all our Bikezilla girls from here on.


So here's the 5 Don't-know-what-to-call-it questions for this installment which we asked PeiHsuan and Makiyo.


How good a cyclist are you? (We showed them a street bike)

PS: I am a reasonably good cyclist. I can ride this bike although its saddle is way slammed down.

M: I cycle leisurely but I guess cycling this bike is not a problem to me.


What sports do you do on a regular basis?

PS: I swim a lot.

M: I rarely do sports, but I do play some beach volleyball when the opportunity arises.


What kind of cycling do you prefer?

PS: I dislike dirt and insects so off-road riding is out for me. Cycling in the park is good though.

M: I try not to be in the sun too much so that I can maintain my complexion. I am game for night cycling.


What must your guy friend do to make you cycle on a regular basis?

PS: He can motivate me with the benefits of cycling. I do sports so that I can look good. If cycling is more effective in maintaining a fabulous body, I would gladly do it.

M: I would join in as long as it is fun and the activity does not require too much effort on my part. I prefer leisure rides.


Would you learn to ride down a kerb or staircase?

PS: I am afraid I'll fall!

M: No!


Ed: "5-Questions with Bikezilla Girls" reflects the zany attitude and outlook towards cycling as a lifestyle & sports that the Bikezilla team has. We work hard and we have fun. These interviews are meant to be light-hearted and are not meant for consultative use. Readers with feedback can write to us via our forum pages. More photos of Bikezilla Girls are available in our photo gallery. (  Ride on guys!