16 March 2014


The morning started cool and bright. Spirits were high on the Sunday morning of 16 March 2014. It was part of the effort to have a downhill race before Tampines Trail and Tampines Bike Park close their doors for other developments later this year.

The Tampines Trail Freeride Line was build over a period of time by a group of freeride and downhill enthusiasts. The line measures approximately 500m but is dotted with nice berms, drops, switchbacks and a recently erected wall to spur the spirits of most freeriders. And this is where the race was held. More than 100 participants joined in 3 categories: Master, Open and Junior.

The Master category started first and some racers enjoyed good weather. But the rain came in small drizzles at first, sometime in the late morning,  and then escalated to burst of heavy downpours which affected the Open and Junior categories' runs. The racers and spectators were undaunted throughout and only gave in when there were lightning and the organizer announced it was not safe to carry on. 

Nonetheless, riding in the rain has its own fun. Though drenched, most riders still had wide smiles on their face.

Worthy of mention were the organizer and volunteers of this race in preparing the race line, marking out the place, helping with crowd control, execution of the race itself and most importantly creating the festive mood even throughout the downpour! Kudos to Singapore Cycling Federation and Freerider Unleashed!

Now a throwback on some moments …

Ferry Mononutu brought his riders all the way from Indonesia, mostly from Batam! From him, we can really say that "the best way to validate your trainings is through competitions!"


Some familiar faces …


Some slippery moments …

Ed: Riders who slipped at the wall, please do not be offended if your photos were posted here. All for the memories of the event yo!


And some nice jumps and drops …

No uplift service, please push your own bike.

And not forgetting the very HOT PINK SEAT!

Do make full use of the line while we still have the chance guys! 

Ed: Heard from the crowd that the novice has no chance to take part and have a go at gaining some race experience for this one. So let's hope for a novice category the next time. Also, one of the volunteers wants to pass this message to all racers and spectators: "Please keep the trail clean at all times, dispose rubbish only at designated areas or bring them out in your own bags. Your cooperation is appreciated!"

Till we race again!