The cycling industry is truly alive and very much kicking. And this volatility is not restricted to big corporations with big research teams. Riders are shaping the cycling industry from all angles – the riding, the bike designs, the race formats and even the little extras that make each bike just a tad sweeter – with a pinch of biker's humor thrown in. Check out the Fork Cork – a glorified plug that looks like it's main purpose is the prevent mud and dirt from the bike's front tyre's rooster tail from staining the fork's steerer tube bottom up. And being creative human, we immediately see how useful this little add-on could do for us. Read on for a happier bike.






Ever notice the gaping hole at the bottom of your Fork Steerer? The perfect storage space to store some of the trail you just rode back to your home. 

We were wondering for the longest time why fork manufacturers had not provide a bung for the lower end of their steerer tube to keep the dirt out. We had to conclude that it boils down to two main reasons: the protest for dirty steerer tube bottoms had not been violent enough and the cost to incur for such a seemingly minute feature may be viewed as redundant, wasteful or even uncool.

Obviously not all bikers think the same way.

The Fork Cork is the one cork to rule them all steerer tubes at the moment, regardless of tube walls' thickness. It is also designed to attach and detach easily from the gaping steerer tube. Each cork and turn knob is milled from a solid core of high quality aluminum then anodized for style and longevity. The stainless steel screw is rust-proof and ready for the rough elements. The proprietary neoprene washer is suppose to last a long time. Fork Corks are manufactured and assembled in the USA.


Besides keeping the inners of your headset dry, the guys are Miles Wide Industries have helped create a secret storage space on your bike! And here's a list of suggestions on what you can store in that space:

  • Tracker for bike theft
  • Emergency Space Blanket
  • Multi-Tool
  • Co2’(s) and Adapter
  • Pocket Knife
  • Money or Gold Coins
  • Water proof lighter/Matches
  • Poncho
  • Granola Bar and/or a Lollipop
  • Party Favors
  • LED Lights


Obviously, the size of the item you can store depends on your bike's steerer tube length. And common sense would tell you that for heavier items, wrap them with some paper towel or foam wrap before inserting them into the steerer tube and corking them in. And for coins, cash and other small items, a small ziploc bag should do the trick. This would prevent rattling or scratching your steerer tube's inner wall should the object be heavy or sharp.




To see if the Cork stays on the bike even when we ride on more demanding trails, we brought this little gadget along with us to Chiangmai Thailand. A small foam wrapped tool kit was inserted into the steer tube before we attach the cork onto our test bike's steerer tube. Initial inspection shows a super snug fit. The neoprene washer, once screwed tight using the turning knob, wedged itself tightly within the tube. This tacky compound makes the enclosed space water proof.

We rode about 12 trails averaging 8 km per trail . Each trail feature steep descents, some natural kickers, drops, rock gardens that go for kilometers at a stretch, climbs and small streams. Top that up with some crashes and washouts and we more or less sums up the type of punishments the fork cork and mountain bike was subjected to during the rides.




The cork stays where it is supposed to be and the content remains dry and intact. didn't really came as a surprise to us as our initial feel on this nice gadget already gave us that impression. 

We love the design of the Fork Cork. It is that cherry that tops the sundae when it comes to customizing and personalizing your beloved bike. At USD29.99 a piece, it is not a cheap rubber bung. But it does look like its worth that money you are paying for.




Started by … Miles, who got poisoned in 1997 into the mountain biking world. Miles' bike life brought him to work in a bike shop and eventually tour with fellow bikers. Along the way, he got some some brag-worthy crashes which he proudly shared along with his other bike life stories.

In 2008, a light bulb clicked, a sewing machine was purchased, neoprene materials were scavenged and the Sticky Pod was born.

Miles continued working at the bike shop and sold Sticky Pods exclusively through it. Word of mouth spreaded and by 2012 BikeRumors’ founder Tyler Benedict was using one of his Sticky Pods. After using his for two years he presented it to his audience as more of a “Product Share” then a “Product Review. This was the first time a Sticky Pod was exposed online. Before then the Sticky Pod was an underground/word of mouth product in the cycling community. After that review, Miles had a new day job and “Miles Wide” was born. As time unfolds so does his ideas and creations.

The vision of Miles Wide is just that: A business that’s built around providing a wide range of cycling products that can meet the needs and wants of any rider.




Get your Fork Cork (in Singapore) at:


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All photos by Bikezilla and Miles Wide Industries