Sun and sweat. In the blazing, endless summer of Singapore, these two elements form a constant when it comes to any form of biking. But with that said, there are times when the former element, and all it's glaring glory, excuses itself from our two-wheeled pursuits. When that happens, for whatever reason (not excluding any possibility of an early Apocalypse), you're going to need some dependable lights on your bike to keep the fun going through the night. Read on to see what we got our hands on recently in the illumination department. 




Moon Sports is a company that was formed in 1996. The company of today has a bevy of products to satisfy your every illumination need, from helmet lights, down to an assortment of rear lights. The product designers who drive the company are riders themselves with a generous focus on safety. Moreover, when you have products distributed all over the world from the United Kingdom to the Ukraine, you can bet the folks at Moon Sports take their product development seriously with emphasis on product design, practicality and durability.





– 2 Piece Cree XM-L2 (U2) High Brightness LEDs
– Matrix LED Display
– CNC Aluminum Heat Sink Casing
– Boost Mode 
– 10 variable lighting modes
– Over heat protection system
– Water Resistant USB Port
– Water Resistant (IPX 4)
– Mode Memory


The Meteor Storm Pro is described by Moon Sports as a "high-end USB rechargeable light". This, we felt, was a complete underplay of the capable and sturdy, 1,700 lumen pumping, demon of a light. 



The Meteor Storm Pro came chockfull with features packed into a seemingly bombproof package that screamed durability. The Matrix LED Display made gauging battery health extremely easy, and the water resistant USB ports demanded more rugged use. 



What was particularly impressive about the Meteor Storm Pro was that it never really quite heated up to the point where one would be forced to worry, despite pumping out it's max output of 1,700 lumens. This may or may not be due to the CNC Aluminum heat sink casing, or the Meteor Storm Pro's Over Heat Protection System. 



However, despite some of its obvious points of appeal, the Meteor Storm Pro would come across as a "heavy light" for those weight-weeny riders (i.e. Riders who want to keep their bikes light above all else). But one thing is certain – the Meteor Storm Pro really feels sturdy and bombproof. The Storm Pro was designed as a handlebar-mount light, but out of curiosity, we decide to put it on our test rider's helmet just to experience how it would feel with this high-powered light illuminating where his head would point at. The illumination from the 1,700 lumens certainly gave our test rider the satisfaction he was hoping for. But at the end of the ride, our verdict is – the Meteor Storm Pro works best as a handlebar mount lighting, especially during long rides. we would like to add that this set of hi-tech gadget is definitely confident-inspiring to have with us at all types of night rides, be it street or trail or road rides.  






– 1 piece CREE XM-L2(U2)
– CNC Aluminum Heat Sink Light Cap
– Light Sensitive Auto On/Off
– Mode Memory Function
– 7 variable lighting modes
– High Precision Optical Lens
– Water Resistant (IPX4)


Evenly decked out in similar features as it's bigger brother, the Meteor-X is no pen-pusher, with 450 Lumens in play. One little extra plus point the Meteor-X has over the Meteor Storm Pro would have to be it's very accurate light sensors. The sensors allow the torch to blaze on at full 450 Lumens once it detects a dimming in ambient lighting. It's pretty useful for a 450 Lumen torch, which sits somewhere in the middle of what we would usually use for night rides.

Apart from the light sensors, the Meteor-X was just as well protected with a water resistant seal to protect its USB port, and it too came with the signature CNC Heat Sink light cap which helped to keep temperatures at an acceptable level, although we never really quite detected any spikes in temperature throughout testing. A real appealing bonus was the rotatable handlebar mount, which could rotate up to 360 degrees. This virtually meant that users could attempt to mount it on top of their helmets, and turn the light 90 degrees to face the front.



We weren't kidding when we said the Meteor X wasn't a pen pusher. It proved to be quite an effective light, despite it's lesser demeanor. It had an impressive amount of throw, and would probably prove to succeed where the Meteor Storm Pro failed in terms of being a go-to helmet lamp. It was a pity, however, that the Meteor-X didn't come with a helmet bracket, which we understood was sold separately. However, the impressively versatile handlebar mount more than made up for the lack thereof.






– 1 piece Cree XP-E + 1 Piece (20 Chips) COB High Brightness Red LED
– CNC Aluminum Heat Sink Casing
– Light Sensitive Auto ON/OFF
– Auto Safe Mode
– Water Resistant (IPX4)


A red indicator light, here in Singapore, is an absolute necessity for riding around at night, especially if you're out and about in more public spaces. But what's odd here is that a light destined for a relatively simple safety role has been packed in with some of the higher end functions found in other Moon Sport products, like the Meteor Storm Pro and Meteor- X. 

One of those functions would definitely have to be the light sensitive auto On/Off found in the Meteor-X. Arguably the most useful function found in the Shield-X. Coupled together with the noticeable CNC Aluminum Heat Sink Casing, and the seals around the USB Ports (just like it's much, much larger cousins, the humble Shield-X is USB rechargeable, adding to the convenience factor), even the Shield-X looks ready for some right abuse. 



Some of the more interesting points to note about the Shield-X would probably be the way Moon Sport has chosen to latch the Shield-X to the seatpost. Moon Sport provides two rubber bands of different lengths, which serve to wrap around a slave seatpost, gripping onto the Shield-X via generous hooks on the underside of the lamp. It's an interesting design. The two rubber bands provided secure the light to seat posts of different diameters that are available in the market currently. We used the bigger band for our test rider's mountain bike with a post of 31.6 mm and it was a reassuring snug fit.




We are pleasantly impressed with the hi-tech, well-designed feel of Moon Sports lights so far and would recommend them to those who go for products that has both form and function. In the current cycling scene, a good quality built bike is only half the battle won, it needs to be beautifully built with as many good components and accessories as the owner can stretch his budget. And Moon Sports definitely has a place in our wishlist.

For more information on Moon Sports, check out their website or visit one of these stores listed. You could also drop an email to their Singapore distributor Bike31. Fire up and ride!



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