The Funn Tactic Titanium was launched in 2013 and had been in mountain bikers' preferred choice list for trail clipless pedals. Bikezilla picked up a pair from Funn recently to see how it matches up with the rest of the contenders in the market.




The Funn Tactic Titanium looked like a pair of blue gems with its chiseled looks and bright paint works when we opened it from the box. At 250 grams a pair, it felt light in our hands indeed. The light weight of the pedals is largely due to the use of titanium axle which comes in a beautiful gold finish. The forged pedal bodies also ensure sturdy support. 

As of all good pedals in the market, the Tactic Titanium has a compact profile and engages from both sides. The pedals are SPD (Shimano Pedal Dynamics) compatible and has an easily accessible stiffness-adjustment spring dial which we felt is a very good feature.

Each pedal also comes with the signature Funn Silver Lining, which is the silver part on the pedal's centre portion. These added some aesthetic points for the pair. According to Funn, the Tactic Titanium touches the rider's shoe at 5 points which ensures rider control and reduce possible fatigue to the foot.




We rode a good number of trails over a few weeks, subjecting the pedals through different weather conditions in these tropical rain forest terrain, subjecting them to pedal strikes on rocks and some times attempting to engage them when the shoes were caked in mud. We came back smiling.

The Tactic Titanium were easy to engage in most trail conditions. We like the "crispy click" as they engage the shoes. The titanium spindles and bearings did a good job in providing a very smooth spin throughout the test period.

In many cases, we were surprised that these pedals were so easy to engage with the shoes.

But for those who are not used to Funn clipless pedals' feel, they might fumble in hairy situations when riders want to disengage the pedals in a frenzy. The pedals are able to hold on the the shoes throughout some Body English  (body movement as the rider manoeuvres) – which, in actual fact, is a good and essential part of trail riding. But in hairy situations when the rider wished to quickly disengage the pedals, this very strong feature of not coming off under stress ended up becoming a minor point for worry. Even adjusting to the softest setting wasn't enough for one of the testers.

In normal riding situations, the pedal engage and disengage very neatly.




These pedals are good for everyday rides as they do not cause riders fatigue even after long hours of ride. And they are light enough for racing use.

And for those who want their bikes looking slick and customized, this pair of pedals would be a good addition to the build.





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