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It used to be that when you mentioned "Off-Road Jerseys", a few international brands would come to mind – … that usual few brands. But in recent times, one Asian brand had been gaining popularity with the mountain biking crowd in this region. Please give RideMoreAsia (RMA) a round of applause for making the mountain biking scene more colourful!




RideMoreAsia, or RMA as many prefers to call them, (formerly Ride More Apparel) started as an Indonesian design house that churns our graphic images for motor bikes. Their focus moved to the mountain biking scene in November 2011 and they had been gaining a strong foothold with the markets.

Like all start-up businesses, it was tough in their infant years as they had to compete against other manufacturers that produce knock-offs and imitations products. And their brand name wasn't as well-known then. Sales gradually picked up in their home market in Indonesia and the guys decide it's time to reach out to the Singapore and Malaysia markets. Response had been very optimistic so far. With the increased awareness from this region, retailers from Australia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, and even Argentina got interested in the brand and started to order RMA's apparels and customized designs for their markets.




To keep the momentum going, RMA started their sponsorship program. Currently the group of local and international riders sponsored by RMA include Tony Syarifuddin, Elga Kharisma (Indonesia BMX), Dimas Pamungkas (RMA Downhill Team), Danni Sapta (RMA Downhill Team), Nico Baraldi (Argentina BMX), Daniella Pizzaro (USA BMX), Richard Ramos (Downhill France), and many other outstanding grassroot riders.


(Dimas Pamungkas #1 Mens Sport Asia Pacific 2014 at Klungkung, Bali)



RMA uses all the best materials available for their products. Their jerseys are made from 100% Polyester from Fit Yonex Gramasi. and their pants use Cordura Soft combined with Taslan, Lotto, and Mess Polyester. No worries about machine wash or discoloration. In fact, they are confident that their products has similar or better quality than many bigger brands out there.

Currently, RMA has a range of ready-to-wear like T-shirts, snap-back caps, hoodies, pants, shorts and jerseys. Production volume at this moment is still kept small as they do not want to incur unnecessary storage cost. This is another good point for those wearing RMA products – the designs that you chose would definitely not be commonly seen on others!

Besides ready-to-wear items, RMA is highly experienced with customized jersey design. They can work with a race team by either helping them design their team jersey from scratch or by converting the team's idea into actual products. The designs are then printed out as mock-ups for approval before mass production of the team jerseys.




To print your team colours, email them at or your can visit their facebook page for some ideas and other ready-to-wear items


(Dimas Pamungkas #1 Indonesian Dowhill Championship over all 2014 )


(Dimas Pamungkas)


(Danni Sapta Asia Pacific Downhill Championship 2014 // Klungkung Bali)


(Danni Sapta Asia Pacific Downhill Championship 2014 // Klungkung Bali )


(Nico Baraldi BMX TEAM / Argentina)


(Kesia Savill / Southern District Super Series Perth Australia)


(Lake Giorgio BMX TEAM CHILI)






(RMA Batik Jersey)


(RMA Hoodie)


(RMA Pants)


All photos by RideMoreAsia (RMA)