Rayxtreme is a strong advocate of the freestyle riding culture and has a team of riders to reach out to the youths in their neighborhood to promote the sport. At the same time, they also want to provide their customers with more shopping convenience for products and services, Bikezilla checked out their new store at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre recently. Read on to find out more about what this company and retail store believes in.






Rayxtreme wants to give BMX riders one-stop shopping convenience. With this objective in mind, the online store and retail shop at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre were born. Started as a stockist for bicycles and cycling-related products (BMX and Street MTB) and an avid advocate for promoting youth cycling culture and the sport itself, they had been offering products and services to the street riding community since 2012, They currently has an online store, a retail hub at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre and a warehouse/showroom at Woodlands. The Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre hub is slated for more products and services Hint: more brands, more types of bikes, more services and facilities!


To promote the sport and its culture, the company currently sponsors a group of riders that are prominent trend influencers and culture advocates in the freestyle BMX scene. These riders are also involved in the company's outreach program – Support Local Riders (SLR) – which makes periodic visits to different cycling spots in Singapore to communicate and give cycling clinics to young riders. The company has values deeply rooted in Chinese philosophies and their 2 most important guiding values are : (1) Strength in unity and (2) Prosperity leads to giving back to the society. 


To the customers, Rayxtreme had been consistent in providing good services since their inception in 2012. Their consistent practice with regards to service to their customers is – (1) to promote culture & values first and products second. and (2) that every customer is important to them. These working practices had been evident in the way they treat every event they were involved in and every customer who patronized them. (Words from collaborated partners and customers) They are currently the stockist for: Premium, Haro, Volume, Black Market, Corsair, Markit and Demolition. In addition, they also work with fellow stockists on SR Suntour, FSA, Raleigh, Atomlab, BSD, Mutant and Total.





Street Riding can be viewed as the most accessible and convenient way to Freestyle Riding (Ed: Old term used as per what the public understands). What exactly is Street Riding then? Street riding uses urban and public spaces to perform tricks. These tricks can be performed on curbs, handrails, stairs, ledges, banks, and others. It is a riding discipline that focus on technical skills of the rider. Styles among street riders vary as riders often depend upon their own differing urban surroundings. Street BMX rose to prominence as an increasingly defined discipline since the late 1980s. Currently, the popular bikes for street rides range from 20', 24' and 26' wheeled hard-tail bikes. 20' being BMX bikes. 

Other freestyle riding styles include (1) Park riding – which rides within skate parks and (2) Dirt riding – which rides in dirt tracks or parks. While 24' and 26' street, park or dirt bikes are still relatively easily accessible, only a few shops in Singapore sells 20" BMX bikes that are dedicated  to street, park or dirt riding.




Online store :

Retail Hub: Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, 756 Upper Serangoon Road #04-27V, Singapore 534626

Warehouse / Showroom: : 190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #09-17 Singapore 757516

Tel: +65 6659 0416, Email: