17 September 2014


Singapore Mountain bike Carnival 2014

Lorong Asrama


Endurance race. Simply put, it is a race that test your endurance. Besides racing against other competitors, you also race against the clock. Your main objective is to keep on going till either your body cannot take it further or the clock stops you. The funny thing about such races is that, at the end of the day, you forgot the pain and the heat. All you remember were the great fun, the moments you had with your trusty bike. And to those who participated in the team races, the team spirit peaked at that moment. Worth racing? I'd say it's worth every single pedal-stroke of it.


Let's hope that we will be able to continue the tradition of using Lorong Asrama as a race venue for Singapore Mountain bike Carnival. Meanwhile, here's some captured moments. For the participants, find your self in the photos.


Ed: We apologize for not being able to capture everybody, our photographer was also one of the racers … and also we try not to delete too many photos so that the participants can share their racing memories with their friends and family, so you may see multiple exposures of some racers. Ride on guys!


Now go check out the photos !