Christine "Johny Ringo" Eikmeier


It's always exciting to talk to pretty ladies that ride as well as they look. Imagine the awe and admiration when you see a pretty lady with courage to tackle the gnarliest banks or getting bigger air than yourself. This is no sexist remark, just pure admiration and respect. We spoke to Christine Eikmeier, also know as Johny Ringo amongst her riding circle and friends, Director for Social Media and Marketing at Loaded Precision Products to get to know her better. And she rewarded us with some of her awe-inspiring photos. Check out her photos and tell us you are impressed!


(Johny and her Intense M9)


Getting to know Johny!

Date of Birth /Age:  21 years old, Born: 1992

Location: California

Riding Discipline: Downhill, All Mountain/Cross Country, and beginning on Dirt Jumping

Accomplishments: 2013 Shimano Winter Series Overall-2nd place in Pro Women, and 2013 Overall Southridge Racing Company Champion in Pro Women   

Riding/Racing Goals: Have fun, challenge myself, improve my skills, and ride my bike as much as I can. Also I hope to obtain a pro license in racing downhill. 

Years Riding: My mom introduced me to Cross Country riding when I was six years old. Then, I fell in love with horses, ditched the wheels, and rode horses for about 12 years. About four years ago I got back to pedaling and started off on a Speciailzed hard tail. The horses and hard tail gave me the skills I have today. In 2012, I stepped up my game and started riding Downhill. Been in love with Downhill riding ever since! 

Bike Set up:  (1) 2013 Intense M9 – Shimano Saint components, DVO Emerald Fork, Profile Racing Hub, full Loaded Precision AmX set up.  (2)Trek Lush trail bike. (3) Canfield DJ Bike. Also, I am currently building up a complete carbon Intense 27.5 trail bike for racing enduro and light downhill. 

Loaded Product on your bike: AmX bars, DM stem, wheelset, pedals, front signature hub, X-Lite seatpost, 

Sponsors: DVO Suspension, Kenda Tires, Loaded Precision, KMC Chain, Pro Motion Racing, Leatt, GoPro 

Favorite moment while riding: Accomplishing the impossible! Examining something challenging on my downhill bike, debating about whether or not I should try it, feeling the fear, doing it anyways, and riding it out successfully! 

What inspires your riding: Riding fast and a great work out. I love the adrenaline and joy that Downhill riding brings to me!

Inspirational Rider: Andreu Lacondequy and Clemens Kaudela

Favorite Trails: Anything with a challenging rock garden! Hellraiser, Project X, and riding at Mammoth, California and Virgin, Utah.   

When you aren't out riding, we can find you….doing something exciting and fun! Cooking, camping, running, hiking, dancing, hanging out with friends. But also working and studying, as I am a college student pursuing a profession in education.   

Profession/job: CRLA Certified Math Tutor and Social Media Director and Marketing at Loaded Precision Products

Your riding motto/philosophy: When in doubt, ride it out! 

Follow Johny on Facebook or Instagram: Johny Ringo and @dhjohnyringo 






(2013 Overall Southridge Racing Company Champion in Pro Women)



We will definitely be seeing more of Johny's awesome riding action. Frankly, we can't wait. Keep shredding girl!



All photos: Christine Eikmeier