EVENT: Disability Awareness Ride

Disability Awareness Ride with The Bicycle Hut

16 March 2014


"Be Aware ! Be on two ! Disability Awareness Ride" was the theme for the ride organised by The Bicycle Hut on Sunday, 16 March 2014. The morning ride starts off from the Singapore Recreation Club with bicycles provided by The Bicycle Hut for all the participants. And it's Speciable!


The objectives of the event is to promote disability awareness. This is an initiative by Mr Kashif Edwards who was diagnosed since birth for cerebal palsy ( a permanent,non -progressive movements disorders that cause physical disability in developments of the main areas of the body.) Although being diagnosed with the disease, it didn't stop him from living a passionate normal life just like anybody else. And thus the 'I am Speciable' facebook page was born.The new word ""Speciable" combines the words 'special' and 'able' represents Mr Edwards' vision. The facebook page soon gathered huge interest from the public, with many sharing his interest and passions to create awareness for the disability. With supports from his parents, friends and volunteers the movements is now already onto its third year of events.

About 50 participants came for the event on this fine Sunday morning, After the safety briefing from the event coordinators Sham Latif and Bicycle Hut Safety Rider Kamal Ishnin, the group flagged off to the 5km ride through the scenic spots around Marina Bay Sands including Gardens By the Bay and Marina Barrage. The ride eventually ends at the Memorial Park with lots of photos and happy faces. 

Brunch was joined by Executive Director Of Rainbow Centre Mdm June Tan. During lunch, there a was a session where Edwards' parents made a short speech and thanked everybody. The ambient got emotional although in an appreciative and happy way. Mood changed to excitement when lucky draw tickets were given out to participants with the first prize being a LCD TV.. The day ended somewhat wet with downpours but high spirits.

A fitting tribute and event to a man who, despite challenges, raise up to meet life's obstacles, living his dreams and never give up.



Photos by Eddy Arifin and The Bicycle Hut

Words by Eddy Arifin