As mountain bikers, we probably all share certain ideals. A common one is to have a rider-owned product range of our own, or with our group of ride buddies. Many dreamt, some succeeded, few stood out. Gamut is one such company that stood out. We checked out their Gamut Podium pedals recently and came away happy.



In 1999 Juan Graziosi, aka “Juano”, teamed up with his maker, Ed, on a father-son project making chain-guides for personal use. Friends and riders took notice and he began selling them at local races to cover his own race fees. As interest grew, so did the idea to create a rider-owned company. In 2003, older brother Mateo and longtime friend Mike were added to the mix to help get things organized. One year later, Gamut USA was born. The four shared a passion for making intuitive, high quality products that take the hassle out of installation while delivering on performance, simplicity, and aesthetics. Their aim: to ride their bikes, not work on them. Simplicity was the name of the game.

At the very start, their common goal was to add to the simple joy of mountain biking. Whether it be through product design, technical support, sponsorship, shop visits, or OEM services, their sole aim was to improve the ride itself.

Mountain biking is a huge part of their lives and they consider themselves to be some of its biggest fans. As such, they exist to serve the sport's enthusiasts and professionals alike. Every product they make goes through their own hands before it gets delivered to other users. This ensures their constant connection to their customers.

Gamut have spread their wings over the last few years. With their acquisition of the brand Point One Racing in 2014, they've spent a good amount of time fine-tuning and developing a top end flat pedal along with bars, a stem and a revised range of chainrings. A pretty far cry from where they originated, in terms of products and expertise, but losing none of that essential spicy soul and flavour. 




The Podium Pedals are based on the popular original Podium flat pedal from Point One Racing. This new version (Ver. 3) includes upgrades on strength and durability without compromising on key features. 4 sealed cartridge bearings per pedal, 100x100mm platform, 8-10mm concave profile, custom hollow-core alloy pins, all at 298g.



  • WEIGHT: 298g
  • PLATFORM: 100mm x 100mm
  • PINS: Custom Hollow Silver Alloy Included
  • BEARINGS: 4 sealed cartridge per pedal
  • BODY: Forged aluminum-machine finished
  • AXLE: Chromoly steel




First thing that caught our attention was just how slim and sleek these pedals looked. They certainly added a discerning feel to any bike build. Being slim also means they are able to clear protruding trail obstacles that little extra bit more. Throughout our rides on these platforms, we felt firmly planted with the bike. We are not even going to talk about it's bearings' reliability as it is almost a given.

Amongst our test riders, there was one that remarked that the pins could be a tad to tall, and while this translated into some extreme grip (especially on equally confidence inspiring shoes), this could result in some extremely nasty "shin-kissing". 

The taller-than-most pins resulted in another area for worry. As we took the riding out on slightly more technical terrain, the pins tended to chip off due to pedal strikes, and that basically morphed them into pretty lethal caveman toothpicks. We highly recommend checking your Podiums regularly and change chipped pins away.

Besides the pin length issue, we love these pedals for its slim profile and sure-footed feeling. And having them on the bike help improve our custom bike build's looks! Now that's a great big bonus and enough reasons for buying them.




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Photos of Gamut Podium by Bikezilla


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