For a long time, we have been toying with the idea of having a mass ride on a regular basis. It's now time to take one more step towards our objective of promoting Cycling and the Asian Ride Culture. The inaugural Bikezilla Mass Ride. Let's ride!



Riding in a group is fun! You get to know more friends that share your passion. You could end up learning some new things (or share some of your experience with new friends) and discover that RIDING FUN is directly proportional to the number of NEW FRIENDS you make!


But, whatever the reasons you think a mass ride would work for you, here's what we'd like to add:

– Mass rides provide opportunities to make more friends

– To learn (share) some new stuff/tips along the way

– Safer than riding alone

– Most importantly, and we cannot stress this enough: It's fun!




Join us for the inaugural Bikezilla Mass Ride.

Our first ride will be on:


Date: Sunday 31 January 2016

Time:  Assemble 8.00 am, Moving off at 8.15 am sharp

Venue: Diary Farm Nature Reserve Car Park (100 Diary Farm Road Singapore 679057)

Route: Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail

Drinks will be provided at Diary Farm Nature Reserve car park after the ride.

We will also have Bikezilla stickers for giveaway. (Ed: Your bike will look better with one of these stickers)





The mass ride will be made up of riders of different skill levels – we will cater to this. So don't be shy. Make some friends. Come in groups or come alone. All are welcome! The main idea is to ride together and have fun. There will be point and sweeper party to ensure safety and order throughout the ride. 

  • We will observe proper trail etiquette and safety at all times.
  • Riders not feeling well on ride day or have prior medical conditions that are not suitable for strenuous activites should not join in the Mass Ride.
  • Please try your best to cooperate with the Mass Ride organisers for the purpose of good group safety and trail etiquette.
  • No ferry service would be provided to or from Diary Farm Nature Reserve car park.
  • Riders below 16 years old need to seek parental consent before joining the Mass Ride.
  • Please bring along your own tool kit, spare tyre(s) and hydration pack for the Mass Ride.
  • Mass Ride would be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Bikezilla and organizers are not held liable in the occurance of any accident, injury, death or other unforeseen incidents before, during and after the Mass Ride.
  • Riders are to be responsible for their own belongings at all times.
  • Bikezilla and organizers are not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings or properties before, during and after the Mass Ride.
  • The Mass Ride is a social gathering and not a sponsored event nor a race.
  • There will be no participation or indemnity form for participants as this is a social gathering.
  • Bikezilla and organizers are not liable for any consequences leading from particpants exchanging contact details and/or meeting up after the Mass Ride.
  • Ride safe and have fun.




Get your updates for the Mass Ride at our Facebook group page Bikezilla Bikers Billboard.

If the response is favourable, we would eventually make this mass ride a regular gathering. So stay tuned folks and see you soon!


Don't just watch, join in the fun!