Introducing the all new Full CNC-machined Python Pedal



As early as March this year, we caught glimpses of the new Funn Python pedals. These sleek looking pedals pack in some good design elements. We gave these hard shiny metals a thorough study before stepping on them.



The Python's main selling points are its light weight super thin profile that are designed with aggressive riding in mind. It weighs only 375 grams but has a wide platform area compared to many other pedals designed for similar applications.

Another aspect of the pedal which we liked is the stealth cartridge axle design. This sealed the outer ends of the axle – which means contaminants are kept off the internals of the pedals more effectively. Riders would be saved the hassle of having to flush out dirt from the outer axle bolt opening or need to worry less about water seeping into the axle internals from the outer ends and messing things up in the long run. While nothing is bomb-proof, these design features would go a great distance in prolonging the life of the pedals.




This pedals has a full CNC-machined pedal body with silver undercuts, and a self lubricating full-axle bushing design. Cartridge axle design makes them easy to service too.

As they are designed for aggressive riding, they are made super wide, thin and and light with foot holding concave shaped pedal body. Each pedal is fitted with 12 removable pins per face.




According to Funn: "The all-new Python flat pedal is intensively CNC’ed to achieve its super high-end look and unique shape. The Python spends more than 30% of machining time than average CNC pedals. The machined silver lining after anodizing makes its look stands out from others. The cartridge housing is made of a self-lubricating plastic bushing, and housing and axle combine to disperse the overall load over the entire surface of the pedal. During lab testing, the Python has withstood 1.5 million revolutions without failure! This pedal is also super easy to service, with few parts, and a service kit that will cost only $25 USD (RRP). Being fully sealed from outside contaminants like water and mud, it’s sure to be one of the most durable flats on the market.The Python has a solid and almost perfectly square platform to provide the stability and support riders' need, but at the same time is only weighing in at 375 grams per pair. The pedal also has a low profile design, only 14mm at the axle junction, with 4mm pins that extend from the 11mm thick edge. Looking at the pedal from its side view, it would be noticed that the pedal has a distinct concave platform shape that holds the foot in the sweet spot on the pedal. The foot is not going anywhere on the Python. There are 12 removable pins per face, and each pin goes directly into the pedal surface (not through it). Different color pin kits can be purchased so customers can customize the look".


The Funn Python will be hitting the stores really soon! Watch out for it! 



All information and photos by Funn


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