Electric bicycles are fast moving towards a next phase. Think of electric bicycles as a mode of commute, an advocate for a greener environment, a tool for exploration or a equipment to bring people closer. And what if these electric bicycles are produced in a truly green environment where electric power from the design/production facility is generated from solar energy and their true ideology about a greener earth stands firm? Would you be more interested to know more about these machines? Stromer, one of the companies in the BMC Group (BMC Switzerland) is one such company that does that. Read on for an introduction on the new "standards" for e-bikes!




The first e-bike in the world to integrate Bluetooth, GPS, and GSM, as well as communicates with the rider's smartphone through a proprietary, cloud-based platform, the ST2 also impresses with more design, more range and more power. It will be available in early 2015 through select Stromer dealers. (Ed: At press time, we do not have a dealer in South East Asia for Stromer bikes, but it is still good to know what new developments we can expect soon)

“The Stromer ST2 truly represents the next generation of e-bikes,” said Stromer USA General Manager Chris McLaren. “With its advanced connectivity, sleek design, and premium performance, the ST2 is a revolution that could only be started by Stromer.”

The ST2 is the first e-bike in the world to integrate Bluetooth, GPS, and GSM, as well as communicate with the rider's smartphone through a proprietary, cloud-based platform. In addition to its advanced digital connectivity, the ST2 impresses with more design, more range and more power, with a top speed of almost 30mph and a range of over 90 miles. Stromer has also equipped the ST2 with innovative daytime running lights, which provide increased visibility on busy roads. Those who choose to make this elegant e- bike their daily "rider" not only follow the trend toward smarter and environmentally friendly mobility, but also typically arrive at their destination faster than when driving a car in an urban environment.

The Stromer ST2 was the recent recipient of two prestigious awards. The Eurobike Award is an internationally recognized prize, designed to highlight innovations in the cycling industry. What made the ST2 really stand out to the jury was its integrated digital connectivity coupled with its purist design. The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized quality seal, which rewards the best in design and business. In June 2014, the jury behind the Red Dot Award first formally distinguished the Stromer ST2 with the following statement: "The S-Pedelec ST2 combines mature digital technology with striking styling to create a high-performance lifestyle product."


Key Features of the Stromer ST2 include:


The ST2 is connected to the Internet by an integral SIM card. It can communicate with any smartphone via the myStromer app. It is also equipped with Bluetooth, GPS and GSM. The many different interfaces enable the ST2 to offer you a wide range of useful functions: individual regulation of the motor output, for instance, or wireless updates of the firmware. All made possible by the cloud-based Omni platform, which Stromer itself has developed. It establishes the connection between the digital world of your ST2 and the physical world around you. Omni enables you to communicate with your bike via smartphone, adjust settings remotely and even activate the anti-theft protection mode.


myStromer App

The myStromer app offers features such as tuning, anti-theft protection, location tracking, battery charge status, service booklet and a platform for other applications. The Stromer app can be used to fine-tune the Stromer’s settings and set it into the anti-theft mode. As soon as the anti-theft protection is activated on your ST2, your Stromer is protected very effectively against the light-fingered. If a thief tries to steal your Stromer, the lights automatically come on and the motor enters the theft mode. This motor disabler renders it practically impossible to ride the e-bike. And if your Stromer is stolen in spite of these additional security measures, you still have the option of locating it using its built-in GPS tracking system.


Drive System

The SYNO drive motor is a brushless, direct-current motor located in the rear hub of the ST2. The ST2 motor assists with a top speed of up to 45 km/h. To make sure the rider always remains comfortably in control of such power, the ST2 is equipped with front and rear thru-axles for increased rigidity and therefore greater safety, too. The ST2 battery is fitted with state-of-the-art lithium-ion cells and offers a range of up to 150 km. The power pack can be recharged either in the Stromer itself or removed from the bike and charged at home or in the office. When the brakes are applied, the drive system automatically feeds recovered energy back into the battery, increasing the overall range.

Energy:814 Wh / Voltage: 48 V / Weight: 5 kg



The ST2 is available in Sport and Comfort versions. In the Sport version, the ST2 comes with a 20 or 17- inch frame. The Comfort version with its 17-inch frame is easy to climb onto and off thanks to its lower top tube. Both versions are equipped with 20-speed Shimano gears. The ST2 is available in high gloss white or matte black, and fitted with an elegant City Kit tailored exclusively to the requirements of Stromer riders. Alloy fenders, carrier and the powerful headlight and rear light all match the overall design of the ST2. Both Sport and Comfort versions are MSRP USD$6990. 



All photos and information by BMC USA Corp and BMC Switzerland