Expanding Hiplok’s award­winning line up of easy to carry bike locks, both the Hiplok GOLD wearable chain lock and Hiplok DC integrated U and cable lock sit at the top­end of the Hiplok range. Both give superior protection for high risk areas while following Hiplok’s unique design approach to portable bike security.

The Hiplok GOLD is Hiplok’s highest security wearable bike lock to date. Designed for the highest risk areas, the Hiplok GOLD features a 10mm thick premium hardened steel chain, 12mm hardened steel shackle and with Hiplok’s unique buckle fastening, adjusts to fit the rider’s waist without being locked to them. Tested and given the top rating by accreditation house, Sold Secure, Hiplok GOLD is the ultimate choice for riders looking for the highest level of security in an easy to carry bike lock.



For those riders preferring a U­lock, the Hiplok DC is the first combined U and cable lock to be offered as one easy to carry package. Consisting of a Sold Secure rated “Hiplok D” lock (Hiplok’s wearable U­Lock design), the DC has the added benefit of housing a meter­long 5mm steel cable clipped neatly in to the “D”, which is ideal for preventing the removal of wheels and accessories by the opportunist thief. Available in several colours, with a slim profile and integrated clips, the DC fits easily on to bags and belt straps and its prominent reflective detailing gives the rider added saftey when riding in low level light.


“We’re excited to show the DC and GOLD, we continue to expand the Hiplok , ensuring we offer easy to carry security solutions for every type of cyclist and situation” says Hiplok co­founder Ben Smith. “Both locks are designed to be worn by the rider while also offering significant protection when securing your bike in high risk areas.” 


While Hiplok is deeply affiliated to the fixie culture (where messengers would wrap their bicycle chain-and-lock around their waists when they move from blocks to blocks and quickly lock their bikes around roadside fixtures so that they can run up to the respective recipients or receptionists to deliver their stuffs), these wearable bike locks are also applicable to street riders and bikers on long epic trail rides and exploration trips. One good example is when visiting Chek Jawa in Ubin where a rider has to dismount and lock their bike before continuing on foot. Of course, we are expecting riders' discretion and judgment when they use bike locks as their sole security measure while on the move. A single bike lock would still be inadequate for securing a high-end bicycle that is fitted with many quick release components. 


Get them at or TR Bikes (486 Serangoon Road Singapore City 218151)


All information and photos from Hiplok