EVENT: SCF Celebration Series




SINGAPORE – Local road cycling event is making a return this August 2-3rd with SCF Celebration Series time trials at Changi Coast Road, Singapore.

The event is an initiative by Singapore Cycling Federation with Dirtraction as part of a 4 road race series event for 2014, showcasing an individual time trials event and a team time trials event as the first two events.

The time trials, a popular format for the flat terrain of Singapore, allows riders to test their racing legs against the windy road along Changi Airport, providing challenge for all levels of road cyclist. Riders may form teams up to 4 person to race in the team time trials, testing team coordination and strategy for aspiring weekend warriors and the race elite alike.

The race in August may be the last for this classic Singaporean time trials venue, as Changi Coast Road is schedule for a massive realignment over the next few years as part of the airport expansion plans. The 3rd and 4th leg of the series is planned to be held in separate location soon to be announced.

The four races are points accumulating races for Cyclone Race Series, where participants may take part in all four events to gain series point, and get crown the overall champions at the end of the year.

Registration for the event is ongoing and more information can be obtained from the event site: http://cyclone.sg 



All information and photos by Dirtraction and Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival