There are days you just wanna hang loose. No Strava if you are riding the long road or trail loops. Just roaming the streets, or feel some air at the skate park, or a leisure ride at your favorite trail. The ride itself and our biking buddies are all that matters – not some numbers on our digital devices. Hell yeah! In fact, these are occasions when we just want our bikes to be a little more fancy. HT Nano-P pedals provide the options.







The HT Nano-P are nylon reinforced composite pedals that employ CNC machined chromoly spindles, dual sealed bearing + one DU bushing systems with replaceable pins and come in 11 bright rad colors! These platforms meaasure at 100 mm X 95 mm X 18 mm and weigh in at 354 grams per pair.

With specifications like these, they are a natural good match with street/dirtjump bikes and mountain bikes. 

For street/dirtjump bikers, the 11-color options forms the impression of a color pallet that could provide the solution that colorful rad looking street machine that is both a shredder as well as a fashion statement. And coupled with the popularity of plastic or nylon reinforced composite pedals for street rides, these pedals are good contenders against other nylon reinforced composite pedals out there.

For mountain biking, these colorful and affordable pedals are more than adequate for most types of rides around the local trails. And with mountain bikes getting more colorful in recent years, these pedals are the final touches to that custom painted mountain bike command a second look at the trail head. (Ed: Alright, we hear "Poser Alert!", but nobody's saying you can't shred equally well in a custom-painted bike, can we?)



After using the Nano-P for a period of time, this is what we found out;

These pedals feel light and the chromoly spindle and bearing system does show its benefits over lesser ones the minute you start using them. And they are affordable to play "pedals rolling" with. That is – buying pedals of different colors to match your mood, just like changing sneakers for different days. The 8 pedal pins fit snugly on the waffle-sole shoes we ride with. In terms of grip on pedal pins, waffle (and ripped too) soles beat the other riding shoes. 

On the other hand, in order to create these pedals' thin profile, the nylon reinforced pedal cage were molded the same height as the spindle. While it is not an issue during leisure rides, the pedal does exhibit some minor flex characteristics once we started riding harder. And when this happened, we felt that the spindle is positioned higher than the pedal cage, giving rise to a feeling of stepping only on the spindle section. This occurrence only happens when we wear typical street/skate shoes with waffle or ripped soles for good grip. These shoes' soles are not that stiff to start with. On occasions when we uses thicker soled shoes to ride with, we do not feel this way.




If you are looking for pedals that are light weight, with lots of colors to roll around with, comes with replaceable pins, good spindle mechanism and retailing at a relatively affordable price, go for the Nano-P.  Quite a lot of positive traits for a pair of pedals at this price point. For more information on HT Nano-P or other HT Pedals, check out their website or visit one of these stores listed. Or you could just drop an email to their Singapore distributor Bike31. Hang loose and ride!


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