By this time, the dust had already settled. The race features dismantled and moved back to their remote storage. But the excitement and memories from the Urban Wheels Challenge lingers. Urban Wheels Challenge is easily one of the most hyped up cycling event of the year. We love it and are already eagerly awaiting for the next one! Meantime, here's a recap of those joyful moments and the race results.




The inaugural Urban Wheels Challenge aimed to be the biggest urban race in Singapore with the longest race route. It was.

They aimed to be the one event that brings the public as well as the mountain/street biking fraternity together. They achieved that too.

They aimed to engage, enrich and entertain the audience. They have done so as well.

And the aftermath of the event was one of heightened passion for the sport as well as a motivation to pick up biking for those who ere previously uninitiated.

Bikezilla has long held the belief that Singapore's cycling scene would flourish with the participation of more private sponsors and organizers that listened to the suggestions of regular bikers – those who understood the real culture of the sport. And through the Urban Wheels Challenge organized by MediaCorp OOH Media, the mountain and street biking fraternity had their calls answered. 

The event was put together with much receptivity to riders' opinions. And together with their set of objectives in mind, Mr Henry Goh, Head, MediaCorp OOH Media added the Urban Wheels Challenge to the Festival of Wheels 2015. In its effort to engage the mountain and street biking community better, MediaCorp OOH Media organized a networking session at the Singapore Sports Hub Library as part of the planning for the Urban Wheels Challenge and shared its vision, which was to engage and educate the public and bring the community together. Henry pointed out that the current biking scene in Singapore, although thriving, has a need for more recognition and bigger events. There is a limitation to the sport's accessibility to resources, for example: land use outside of the usual venues for events. A more public engagement approach for the promotion of the sport would boost cycling as a sport and a lifestyle even further. While the event must be attractive to the existing members of the cycling community, it should also be a platform to attract new entrants to the sport and bring about greater opportunities for the commercial stakeholders to interact and engage with the different segments of audiences. And when better events attract more/bigger sponsors, the frequency and magnitude of the events would grow. 

And Urban Wheels Challenge 2015 seemed to have achieved these objectives! The weekend of excitement came and went. And we went home with a positive vibe that the cycling scene in Singapore is going to be more vibrant than before.





While the race is high-adrenaline and does require the skills of a good riders, the event was catered to suit every visitor to Singapore Sports Hub. With the Festival of Wheels going on, the Singapore Sports Hub and Kallang area became a mega-sized fun fair. Visitors could check the various program timings and move about the different sections around the Festival of Wheels village. Besides the main race events, there were fringe activities like the mini pump track clinic and try-out, product booths and local artistes participation. And elsewhere in the village, a gymkhana race, a go-kart race and other carnival fares are all fighting for the visitors' attention. This was the energy at the Festival of Wheels.





All things said, the main focus of Urban Wheels Challenge was still the race – no less! And rider after rider took the race route with gusto. And, on Day 2, the race was nicely wrapped with the finale program – the Best Trick Competition. While we would have preferred the invited competitors be judged on a routine of combo tricks and that the judging panel include some judges that have some street/dirt riding experience, the finale program still proved to be a spectacular experience for all. It was evident that the crowd loved the Best Trick Competition segment.





Urban Wheels Challenge was successful largely due to the support of the sponsor and partners. Bikezilla would like to join in to thank these wonderful passionate people!

Singapore Cycling Federation, Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Xtreme DSP Global Pte Ltd, Rodalink (S) Pte Ltd, Streamcast Pte Ltd, Crankin Trading, Distro.X Asia, The Secret Society Inc, P.O.D.M., PK Auto PArts Pte Ltd, Crankworkz Pte Ltd, Wize Electronics Pte Ltd, Redbull (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Shriro Singapore Pte Ltd, Nanyang Inc, Steve O'Neal Production, 1 Oak Event Services and Singapore Sports Hub!

Thank you guys!




And for you eager racers. This is how you guys fared! 

Rookie Category (Above 12 yr old)


Junior Category (Under 12 yr old)


Youth Category (12-16 yr old)


Junior Category (17-21 yr old)


Fat Bike Category


Open Category (22-35 yr old)


Master Category (36 yr old and above)


Overall Best Timing


Finale shot!


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Photos by Bikezilla photographers

Special thanks to: Yang Shihui, Poch Maui, Jerome Tan, Lee Alfie Damian, Jennifer Foo, Tuck Loong, Harry Nyaw, Alawn Koh, Darren Chan Matthias

Race results by Urban Wheels Challenge

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