Recently we started a portion on our portal which consolidated a number of blogs where bikers and riders contribute in, which we labeled as "Blogs". The main objective for having this section is to allow personalized views of these bloggers (as opposed to Bikezilla's neutral media view) to be shared with our readers. We often hear riders saying that they (dis)agree with a certain idea. That's perfectly alright (and normal) of course, but as a media outlet that needs to maintain editorial neutrality, there are some topics we deem to be opinion-based and not suitable to be written under the Bikezilla name (unless our writers do so in their personal capacity).


Also, it is good that readers are exposed to views based on different benchmarks. For example, articles on races written in the tone and opinions of a competitive cyclist could be filled with more emotions and in many cases, the emotion reflects why they race. Sometimes, such articles skew towards a "racing" group of readers and could even ostracize the more leisure paced riders. While we do not idealistically say that we aim to reach out to all types of cyclist in a single article, we do not want to add too much personal (sometimes biased)  emotions into what is factual about an event. We aim for a little objectivity. Such articles and according views, on the other hand, could be done easier with bloggers who usually have an established blog personality. It is perfectly normal and common to see bloggers rant or over-praise something. The readers find it acceptable as they understand this is personal opinions they are reading. (We enjoy reading blogs of our featured bloggers too!)


Blogs could be defined as a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.


Bikezilla is an online magazine for cyclists, with target readers from Asia. As far as the online portal is concerned, we observe the editorial code when we go about our production works. Bikezilla's primary function is the gathering of news and the essence of our online media objective cannot be tainted. Bikezilla values readers' trust in our news and stories. Readers' trust is the most important aspect of our editorial effort. By observing the editorial code, we strive to protect and foster the bond of trust between Bikezilla (in print and online) and our readers, and therefore to protect the integrity of Bikezilla and of the editorial content it carries. Even as we mention the above parameters governing our work, we do not claim and have never regarded the role of "school prefects". By saying we take a neutral stand and giving objective views, we mean to say we want our readers to make their own conclusions about a topic we brought up, a product we reviewed or an event we covered.


While we are comfortable to take on the neutral observer role in our production work, we do appreciate opinions from outside of our editorial team. And thus the Blog Section. There is no contradiction here. The media makes objective reports. Individuals are free to express their personal opinions (within moral boundaries, no religious or political issues … we are an online portal for cycling!) We think we set the boundaries clear enough for now.


To Bikezilla, and we hope to our readers too, the Blog Section is a place for the following:

(1) Be introduced to good biker blogs that they have not came across before.

(2) One-click access to good biker blogs ie convenience.

(3) Read on stories and first-person accounts that is of a light-hearted and personalized tone in contrast to the regular Bikezilla news and articles.

(4) Allow readers an opportunity to find and relate with certain bike bloggers based on their different riding attitudes and preferences.


For the bloggers, this Blog Section helps by doing the following:

(1) Direct readers to the actual blogs – we do not click bait for our own site. One click and the reader will be directed to the actual blog site.

(2) Introduce new readers to the blogs – readers who had not been introduced to the blogger could now see them from Bikezilla's Blog Section.

(3) Our Blog Section is a by-invitation-only section. Good blogs are regularly added (with permission from the respective bloggers) and blogs that are not popular will be removed. Readers can be sure that the blogs featured are of good material.


What we are NOT:

(1) WE DO NOT CLICK-BAIT! We only show a small excerpt of the blog and the rest is up to the readers to explore on their own.

(2) WE ARE NOT LAZY! Not all the material from the bloggers may be what we wish to write about. We feature the blogger as they are because we want to show that we respect their individuality.

(3) We do not claim the bloggers' work as our own or in any way affiliated to us in terms of production work. Their opinions are solely theirs.


Our aim for the Blog Section is to promote a sense of online community, of equality to express opinions. We do not rule out future working relationships with each of the featured bloggers. We also do not rule out the likelihood that our editorial team would express their individual opinions on a personal basis from time to time (like this article your are reading). But Bikezilla, as a media would maintain the neutral stand and continue to observe the editorial code.




The above is written by Bikezilla crew Nick Ho.