New Zealand is fast becoming one of the must-go places for mountain biking. The attention showered on both the North and South islands in recent years had been nothing short of over-whelming. And with Crankworx going to Rotorua in March 2015, it is time for all hot-blooded mountain-bikers (gravity, slope, enduro, trail and anything in between) to add this destination to their "Places-to-ride-at-before-I-Die" bucket list. We had some awesome photos courtesy of Crankworx and thought it would be a good time to prep you guys up for the North Island. Yes Rotorua, where Crankworx would be held.


The following are some information shared from Crankworx about this wonderful mountain bikers' wonderland.





Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand might look small on a world map, but it’s as diverse as several continents rolled into one. Volcanic plateau, spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, miles of coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches – it’s all there. 

Lying in the south-west Pacific, New Zealand consists of 29 regions across two main islands – the North Island and the South Island. The North Island of New Zealand has a 'spine' of mountain ranges running through the middle, with rolling farmland on both sides. The central North Island is dominated by the Volcanic Plateau, an active volcanic and thermal area where you’ll find the home of Crankworx Rotorua – a destination where the volcanic soil is gold, forming the world’s best mountain biking trails. 

The massive Southern Alps form the backbone of the South Island. To the east of the Southern Alps is the rolling farmland of Otago and Southland, and the vast, flat Canterbury Plains. Queenstown can be found here and is another top spot to get your bike amongst trails. 

Each destination is distinctive, and with the country being so compact, you can easily visit several on your holiday. Click the here to learn more about the many places to visit in New Zealand. 



Getting to know New Zealand’s relaxed and friendly people will be one of the things you’ll love most about your visit. Strike up conversations along your journey – a casual chat on the mountain bike trails, at a café/bar or at a market – it’s the best way to get insider knowledge on the area and you may even pick up the Kiwi lingo and make some cool mates! 




Whether you're visiting New Zealand for a few days or a few months, you'll find ideas here to help you plan your itinerary. Take a look at these for the North Island, South Island, and all of New Zealand. Choose trips to suit your interests and how much time you have. Remember, although New Zealand is relatively small and compact, there's heaps to see. The longer you stay, the more you'll be able to enjoy. 





Getting to New Zealand is easy with flights available from many international destinations. The North Island’s Auckland International Airport is the closest gateway to Rotorua with just a two and a half hour drive or a 40 minute flight to reach NZ’s mountain biking mecca. 

International flights can also arrive in Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua (from Sydney only), Queenstown and Dunedin airports – find out more about New Zealand airports here

Before you travel, be sure to check if you need a visa to visit New Zealand. 

Once your flights are booked, you might like to have a look at accommodation, maps, transport and things to do while you’re here. You can add these items to your Trip , and download them to your mobile with our Essential New Zealand mobile app. You can also create a wish list on 




Auckland International Airport has an extensive range of rental car options located at the terminal buildings. All companies provide on-line booking systems and many have international and NZ free-phone numbers for you to call, otherwise you can book upon arrival. 

The drive to Rotorua is two and a half hours. Self-drive is a great option for seeing the beautiful NZ landscapes and getting to Rotorua quickly. 

What should you know before driving in New Zealand? 
If you're used to driving in the city, you should take care when driving on New Zealand's open country roads. Weather, the terrain and narrow secondary roads and bridges require drivers to be vigilant. You can find out what's different about driving in New Zealand on the NZ Transport Agency website. 



Bus travel and coach transport is ideal if you prefer to make your way to Rotorua without the hassle of self-driving. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. New Zealand’s two main Coach bus services are Intercity and Nakedbus and the trip from Auckland to Rotorua takes around 4 hours. 


Flying between towns and cities in New Zealand is easy. Our two major domestic carriers are: 
• Air New Zealand 
• Jetstar 

Rotorua has direct flights to and from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 

Arriving in Rotorua you can choose from a wide selection of transport options including rental cars, shuttles, taxis or City Ride public transportation. 



If you’re traveling with a mountain bike, Rotorua International Airport has a bike assembly area available to assemble your bike and store the box, ready for your adventure to start. For more information on Rotorua International Airport see 





The trails and bike park in New Zealand are easily one of the most beautiful and grand ones in the world. It is easy to lose yourself when riding in such settings. Many times, riders may be influenced by the more expert riders that passed them. That's when things become fuzzy. A split-second moment of complacency may cause a fall that you would regret later. Always be prudent and read the terrain carefully. Control your speed. Get proper body protection and do not be affected by those who laugh at your over-armored body. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Insurance that covers travel and sports injury are also very important. Do not scrimp on this part of the travel cost. A broken collarbone can easily chalk up a SGD 20 grand medical fee. Not something you would happy pay from your own savings. 

All said, we just hope everybody ride safe and within own limits. And have lots of fun doing it!





The scenery at all the bike parks and trails are breathtakingly beautiful and majestic. There are also many non-biking activities that would interest biker-tourists. Amongst those we spoke to who had visited the place, all planned to go back for more biking and exploration. It seems like one trip is not enough to soak in the grandeur and experiences the place has to offer. And if you add in the South Island, you would need to visit New Zealand a couple more times before you fully "feel" the country. 

Crankworx Rotorua is from 25 till 29 March 2015.

See you in Rotorua!



All photos and travel information by Crankworx

Additonal travel information by New Zealand Tourism