A brand that design their products around the heavy demands of slopestyle, dirt jump and downhill riding – that's FireEye. To some, it may not be as well-known as the main-stream performance brands available in town, but these products are strong, look good, are used by some of the well-known riders in the scene and give the user that "underground" vibe. Bikezilla let you know where to get these goodies.




FireEye is a rider-owned company that specializes in steel frames and various complementing components. The FireEye team's love for bikes can be seen in their quality and design philosophy. Besides the usual "How we can make a frame/component better?", they try to do that with some added style. FireEye's design and manufacturing objective is to make their components strong and durable, calling it "stylized functionality." 

Being a rider-owned company, their products are designed with the intention that they themselves will use it and love it. The belief of providing customers with the best products at great value provides the platform for riders to pursue their interest in cycling at both a competitive and recreational level. Riders like Jordi Bago, Joel Pires and a few others are currently sponsored by FireEye and it is through them that the awareness of the brand is gaining popularity.


FireEye currently holds a full product range from frames, headset, handlebars, grips, stem, hubs, rims, spokes, nipples, seat posts, saddles, cranks, chain rings and pedals. Do check with Singapore's distributor for the full range of products available here.



Where to buy them?

RashXtreme was established in 2012 by a group of enthusiast with a strong sense of camaraderie. They team's deep involvement in extreme sports provided a platform for them to combine their favourite pastime with business. The company’s ideals are to bring extreme sports to higher skill levels and to promote the various sports within the country. Presently, RashXtreme is distributor for FireEye Bikes, Royal Racing and 7idp. Contact Arman Hashim at (65) 9185-5559 or email to for more information



All photos by RashXtreme