Taiwan – home to top bicycle manufacturers of big brands around the world. It is small wonder that cycling is both a celebrated sport as well as a part of the people's culture in every corner of the island. We applaud the enthusiastic cycling community of Taiwan and its amazing road cycling infrastructures. Whether it is such conducive factors that spawn young budding cyclists or other hidden factors that we have yet to discover, we are glad that we met Iris. 


While Iris just picked up cycling not too long ago, she is already very focused and determined to improve herself in the sport. Check out the number of races she joined during this period and what she achieved. All this while looking demure and pretty, yet packed full of strength and energy. Hello Teacher Miou!



Name: Iris Lee

Nickname: 喵老師 “Teacher Miou”, I have 8 lovely cats.

Age: Secret!

Where do you work : I teach at a supplementary School

Favourite Food: Baguette



Year(s) Riding: 1 year

Sponsors: CARVER ( It's a bicycle company from Germany)

Favourite bike and component brands: RAPHA

Team you are with: Team “Happy Cyclists of Beitou”, a local cycling shop and club. (Non-sponsored)

Favourite riding spots/route: Yang-Ming Mountain ( a.k.a. Yang-Ming Shan National Park)



Current Bike: PINARELLO FP3

Frame : Pinarello FP3 / Drivetrain : Campagnolo Chorus / Wheelset : Mavic Ksyrium SR



Cycling Achievements: 

中正山第二名(2014) / 2nd Place for Mount ZhongZhen Race

捷安特女子風中劍第二名(2014) / 2nd Place for Giant Bikes "Blade in the Wind" Ladies Race

滿天星羅馬公路分組第三(2014) 3rd Place for Luoma Road Night Sprint

Jhong-Jheng Mountain Climbing Race, 2nd at Woman 30 group. (2014)

Liv/Giant Women’s Challenge Taipei, 2nd place. (2014)

All Star Challenge Series 4 – Rome Road Challenge, 3rd at Woman 30 group. (2014)



Do you have a “dream bike”? 

I do not have any dream bike currently. I am very satisfied with the performance and looks of my current Pinarello FP3.  

我目前並沒有特別想要的單車。我很滿意我現在這台Pinarello FP3的性能與外觀。



Describe your personality in 5 words.

Passion / Persistence / Sharing / Concentration / Enthusiastic

熱情 / 執著 / 分享 / 專注 / 熱心


Why do you choose to do road cycling? ( as compared to other biking disciplines)

Compared to trail, downhill and cyclocross, road cycling is the most popular riding discipline in Taiwan. You can ride to most part of this island via well-developed road networks. Most public transit systems (Bus, MRT, Railway, High-Speed Railway) accept cyclists with their bikes too. I really love the feeling of speed that road cycling gives me! 

When it comes to road cycling, I prefer the climbing route. If you want to climb faster, I have a few tips to offer: (1) Relax your arms and body (2) Keep your back curved (3) Climb with your core muscles, NOT just your legs only. Sufficient energy replenishment and proper riding tempo are also two critical factors for a rewarding and successful climb.  





Ever thought of trying out other riding disciplines? Like downhill, trail or cross-country racing?

So far I am focusing on road cycling only. Bicycle riding is not my career, I have my own social life and need to work to make a living as well. I am open to other cycling discipline but currently, I don't think I have the time.  




Do you have any mentor?

My two teammates do help me a lot at improving my cycling skills:

Mr Hsieh Hsiu-Tsun:He helped me understand how to take advantage of computer figures to figure out my weaknesses and improve from there. He also gave me lots of valuable opinions about bike fitting.

Mr Wu Hu-Chun:He is a good beginner instructor with lots of patience. He deigned many training plans and also rides with me. He is a serious coach and always reminds me to pay attention on my riding postures and attitude (mental aspects of cycling).






What is a typical ride day like in your area?

Morning rides during working days:At my working, I usually will go for a 60km(37 miles) ride which will take about 3 hours. It will start at 6:00AM or 6:30AM. Accumulated climbing altitude is around 1000 meter(3281 ft.).

Long rides during holidays:The route may varies. I usually join the training rides with my teammates. It usually takes me 5 to 6 hours and the mileage will be extended to 100km(62 miles) or above. Accumulated climbing altitude is around 2000 meter(6562 ft.).





Taiwan is a big country with many riding destinations. Do you travel to other parts of Taiwan to ride?

Hualien County and Taitung County, they are the eastern part of Taiwan and the most beautiful "paradise" of Taiwan as well. They are perfect place for cycling.



How about riding in another country?

I have no overseas riding experience unfortunately. I would probably arrange a cycle tour to Okinawa next year.  



What music are you into? 
The Carpenters



Does riding and music has any correlation to you?

Actually, no. I don’t like to listen to music when I am riding. It’s dangerous.




What is your impression on Taiwan cycling scene? ( is there anything you like and dislike about the scene?)

I am only familiar with the area of Taipei. Taipei is a cycle-friendly place. Anyone can find a proper route to cycle easily, regardless of whether you want to ride as hardcore as a Tour de France racer or just want to have a leisurely sightseeing ride. Many cyclists from other countries love to ride here.



How does the public (non-cycling community) view cyclists in general in Taiwan?

Most Taiwanese support the cycling sport. You can always receive some warm cheers from passers-by when you are riding.




Any word of advise for the cycling community of Asia in general?

Taiwan is a good place for cycling! We welcome visitors to Taiwan and experience our unique Taiwanese passion and friendly environment.

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All photos used with permission from Iris Lee