There is something about girls on bikes that stir male cyclists' mojo. Maybe it's due to the fact that the cycling community is predominantly populated with more males than females. Maybe it's just an inherent alpha-male trait that all hot-blooded males exude when they see a desirable opposite sex. Whatever the reason is, a pretty face (and killer figure) coupled with a sporty personality seems to be the most commonly heard  dream-girl critieria of cyclist worldwide. (Ed: You can argue with this statement, but the truth is, you know you'd agree with us)


Meet TV personality Varnvarn from Thailand! Some time in her career, she was called Varnvarn Cycle Girl due to her high involvement with cycling. And indeed she is an avid cyclist, bringing her bike to many destinations for rides. She can be spotted in mass-rides (Jamborees) and races in Thailand and set a benchmark on how to look really sweet yet sporty on a bike. With a 2nd Honours in Commerce & Accountancy (majoring in marketing) from Chulalongkorn University Thailand, this babe's quality is more than just skin deep.


This pretty lady with the sweetest smile looks gorgeous on screen, and is practically "traffic-stopping" when you see her on wheels. (I know many guys will slow down their pace or even jam on their brakes just to take a second look at her). Many may already know her as she has a fan base of more than 20,000 on her facebook page alone. Nonetheless, Bikezilla got her to introduce herself to Singapore.


Name : Aroonnapa Panichjaroon 

Nickname : Varnvarn (in English, it means "Sweet Sweet")

Birth Date : 21 June 1990

Nationality : Thailand

Education : 2nd honored Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, major in Marketing, Chulalongkorn University Thailand

Occupation : Actress and MC

Varnvarn's hobbies: Cycling, Horse-riding, Swimming (she is starting to swim after stopping for a while)

Varnvarn's favourite quote: Mind over body. Face your fear. Do your best everyday!


Do watch out for her on Thai TV channels! Or follow her on facebook

Ed: And on a side note; "How we wish we could have more cycle girls like Varnvarn on our roads and trails" 


See the guy pushing at the back? (Ed: Just to give readers a gauge of how tough the climb is)  It's a long climb!




Photo credit: Varnvarn