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Just what is Bikezilla? It is an online bike hub for ALL your bike needs. And we are talking about News, Buy/Sell, Forums, Events & Competion matters,

Over time, we will improve this online hub further. For now, your feedback, participations and contributions are the best signals to us.


We are looking for the following contributors;

Forum Moderators: Let us know what forum you want to start and we will create one for you. Contact us at editor@bikezilla.com.sg

Photo contributors: We would like photogrphers of all level to contribute their valuable shots of events, competitions or just about anything interesting that was seen during a ride. Share it with us. photos@bikezilla.com.sg.

Writers: We hope to hear the views and experience of riders. Those who have som views or knowledge to share. We want to hear from you. Talk to us at editor@bikezilla.com.sg

Products and Services News Contributors: Whether you re representing a new brand or working for a mega-brand, we welcome any news on new products and services from you. Send them in to editor@bikezilla.com.sg 


Of course, the usual rules and regulations regarding publication and mass media applies. As such, all news and event/competition contents will have to be vetted by Bikezilla before publication.


Hear from you soon!