On 25 April 2015, 11.56 NST, an earthquake measuring 7.8 Mw on the Moment Magnitude Scale hit 34 km off the Nepalese town of Lamjung. It was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake. Continued aftershocks (smaller earthquakes) continued throughout Nepal and an avalanche was triggered at Mount Everest. The avalanche alone killed 18 persons making that day the most lethal one on the mountain's history so far. The death toll is still on the rise at press time and it was estimated that it would reach 10,000. The earthquake destroyed buildings in Kathmandu and severely affected rural areas across the country. At Gorka, which is near the epicentre, it was estimated that 90% of the houses were flattened by the earthquake. According to initial estimations and based on the latest earthquake intensity mapping, eight million people in 39 districts have been affected, of which over two million people live in the 11 severely affected districts. Thousands of Nepalese spent nights out in the open, too afraid to go indoors. Water, food and electricity are in short supply and there are fears of outbreaks of disease. To make matter worse,  villages around the epicentre are very difficult to reach – cut off by landslides – and bad weather are hampering helicopter access. Air traffic is in chaos too, with a logjam at Kathmandu airport. There are individuals trying to fly out of the country while flights of aid and rescue teams wait to land. This is just a quick and brief description of the situation in Nepal currently. Imagine the actual horror one has to face on site. Is there anything we could do to help?




The Nepal government has pleaded for overseas aid – everything from blankets and helicopters to doctors and drivers. They are in need of all relief materials and medical aid. Their official plead for help said that they need all the foreign expertise to help pull through this crisis. International aid has started arriving but there is still huge need – 1.4 million require food aid (according to UN estimates).

Our writer were having friendly chats and getting updates from 2 Nepalese counterparts with regards to next year's cross country race and bike tours in the region one day, and losing contacts with both of them the next. While we are hopeful our counterparts are still safe and the only reason for the lost of contact was due to loss of communication infrastructures, we can only pray for theirs and Nepal's well-being.

The Singapore cycling community was quick to react to the situation and some groups had gathered with efforts to raise funds and aids for the victims. On our end, Bikezilla is keen to help broadcast any call for help should there be any groups and organizations wishing to rally aids for the earthquake victims.




Bikezilla contacted the organizer for this event – Fund Raising Event for Nepal's Cause – Mr Collin Ng. Collin is an avid sports & cycling advocate and event organizer who is well-known amongst many cycling and activity groups in Singapore. This is Mr Collin Ng's and Magical Light Foundation's effort for the Nepalese earthquake victims.


"In my humble way, I have taken the initiative to raise much needed funds, chiefly for the purpose of building homes for the affected people in Nepal. Through a friend, I am in touch with a fellow Singaporean, Mr Ben Cheong who runs a foundation in Thailand called Magical Light Foundation ( which helps children to study in Myanmar and Thailand. They are now planning to build houses in Katjunje, Nepal where almost all the 1,000 houses are destroyed by the earthquake. We understand the villagers are now using the medical centre as relief centre.

To raise awareness and to encourage kindhearted individuals to contribute for this cause, I am planning a simple ride cum yoga session on 1 May, Friday. It is a leisure ride on park connector and the one way distance is about 25 km. 

This is the program:

  • All to meet at East Coast B1 carpark at 0730 hrs. • We will cycle on the East Coast park connector and we will end up at Civil Service Club @ Changi (CSC).
  • Thereafter, cyclists can join for one and a half hour of yoga session which will be conducted by yoga instructor, Shinta. (not mandatory to join yoga if some do not wish to).
  • We will have a donation box placed at the club for everyone to drop their donation in. Any amount is accepted. All the funds will then be counted, witnessed by some of us and then finally handed to Mr Ben Cheong who will manage the funds for the said purpose. He will endeavour to update on the progress via his foundation's facebook and other social platforms.
  • Those who do not cycle but wish to join the yoga session are certainly welcomed to join in. They can drop by at CSC @ Changi before 0900 hrs. 
  • Those who just want to contribute can also drop by at CSC @ Changi. 
  • The event should be wrapped up by 1200 hrs. 


I intend to make this event simple and hassle-free. There is no target for the amount to be raised, it will depend on the turn up and the contributions received on the event day. 

If anyone is keen, please RSVPed on this event so that I can be made aware of the total number of participants. For further clarification, please email me at

Let's play our humble part for the people of Nepal!"


To join in this event, visit facebook event page Fund Raising Event for Nepal's Cause.




Bikezilla welcome all official groups and organizations that are planning/organizing humanitarian aids for the Nepalese earthquake victims to involve us with the publicity effort. Please contact us at should you wish to broadcast your humanitarian aid event/project.



Event details by Mr Collin Ng

Photo by NBC News

Note: Bikezilla will exercise all cautions to ensure that all fund-raising for disaster aid projects are bona fide and transparent before publicizing them for the organizers. As we are not part of the organizing group for the charity events, we take no responsibility in the outcome of these events/projects.