Is there a unique street rider attitude? This question is directed towards the uninitiated. We will let you decide. Short read ahead.




With Urban Wheels 2018 coming up in a couple of hours, let's get into the mood and talk some about street riding. Some may ask: "Riding is just riding, what's there to differentiate between street and other types of cycling?" While the pedaling action to propel the bike forward is the same, street riding is different from other more strait-laced cycling disciplines in a couple of ways. Without going all philosophical, we would say that it is different from the attitude of the riders, to the dressing, to the jargons commonly used, amongst many other things. This, ladies and gentlemen, is in no way trying to make street riding exclusive. Street rider is not an exclusive group that doesn't do other sports. As a matter of fact, many street riders also have their places in other disciplines of cycling.  … We see more arguments about to rise here … Chill guys, this is suppose to be a fun way to "stereotype" our own sport. Read the excerpt and see if you can catch the humor we enjoyed.


(Mike Gray BMX Street Haro BMX)


(Premium BMX – Kerley, Gray, De Reus – NorCal Mission)



Here's an excerpt of an interview with Haro and Premium BMX rider Mike Gray.


You take some serious impact on some of these drops. Any bike problems during filming?

Nope. All was solid. Shout out to Haro and Premium for the sickest, most solid bike.
 (Ed: impact on rider is not a concern? LOL)


What about run-ins with police or security? Obviously, a guy on a roof with a bike looks pretty strange…

We had an interesting run-in on the halfcab off the roof. Some contractor guy working on the neighbor’s house stopped right in the landing of the roof, put his equipment down, and took a photo of me on the roof and said “gotcha” and walked back in the house. I stomped it right after he walked away and we dipped. I assume he was heading to tell the owner of the house, but we will never know.


What’s up with you these days? Are you living in Canada full-time again?

Mostly in Canada at the moment, but doing more California trips instead of living there full-time. Toronto is next level, though. I love it at home! Just a lot of different, wonderful things going on in my life right now and Canada is where I need to be for a lot of my time.


In 60 words or less, tell us about your current bike setup. 

Current set up is feeling super clean


What advice would you give to any youngsters out there who want to jump off some roofs on their bicycles?

Be respectful to people and their property, but do what you gotta do. Also, make sure the roof is strong!


Any final thoughts?

Looking forward to another year riding for Haro and Premium – big things to come! Going to make 2018 the best year ever and continue to ride as hard as I can and have as much fun as possible in the process. Also looking forward to pushing myself and Space Brace to the next level. Thanks to everyone that supports me – John, Joe, and Colin at Haro for everything they have done for me this past year. Premium, Ceneca Wheels, Sensus, Space Brace, Jerry Badders and Vans for paying for Doeby’s flight to Toronto and always keeping me in fresh kicks, my friends and family, my wonderful girlfriend Julia, Doeby for his dedication, hard work, friendship, and vision for this video, and Joey for taking so many rad photos and adventures during the project. Thanks to everyone reading and watching.


The full interview is available at VitalBMX


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