Answer products makes customizing your mountain bike easy. With beautiful products and an on-point bike builder's attitude in their design and manufacturing process. It is one brand that commands a second look when choosing parts for that personalized build. We take a look at the ATAC AME stem.




It is not easy to talk about Answer products at length without introducing the Hayes group. So here's our attempt to do a quick introduction of them within the confines of one paragraph.

Started in 1946 as HH Products, a company that manufactures outboard motors, they soon grew to an agricultural and small engine parts supply company. 6 decades later, they are now a multi-national company that specializes in braking products and components for markets like bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, turf, agriculture, construction, defense and others. And from 2005 onwards, the company had been actively acquiring good brands in the cycling industry. Brands under the Hayes group include: Hayes, Manitou, Answer, Sunringle and Wheelsmith.




Answer Products is your answer to custom building your mountain bike. The brand's main proposition is detail. With the understanding that everybody who wishes to custom build a bike wants to make it as personalized as they could. And the details in the build is what makes the difference from a stock build. And so, it goes to show that the folks behind Answer are constantly striving to be lighter, stiffer or stronger. Throw in some really sick designs and this brand is one of the vital ingredient to some killer-looks and performance custom-build bikes zipping around the trails.

Answer specializes in components like bars, grips, pedals, seatpost, stems and gloves. Adding that to the rest of the Hayes group's range of products, you can easily build a bike with choice of any frame available in the market, and match it with their range of products! And you get a completely customed bike that has the colourway and fit that is truly yours.




We are not aiming to introduce the full range of Answer products in this article – as that would require a catalog or a book. So, we zero in on the ATAC AME stem for now.

The ATAC (named) stem was first introduced in the 90s, but the current ATAC AME stem is not a re-issue of that stem. Rather, it is an all new, world's first 3D forged stem. And what does this mean? It means this stem would be stronger, lighter and more affordable that stem designed for similar purposes from the competition.




As the acronym implies, the ATAC AME stem is designed for All-Mountain Enduro use. 

It comes in red (limited edition), white (limited edition) and black and is available in offsets from 30 (31mm to be exact) to 80mm. Currently, this stem is made for 31.8 mm bars only. Sorry over-sized bar users, you would have to wait a while more.




Each ATAC AME stem comes with 3.5 mm spacers, star nut and top cap for that complete Answer look.

The stem body is forged and the face straps (2 pieces) are secure yet shaves off some weight. The stem clamps onto the steerer with 2 opposing bolts and should work well even for carbon steerer tubes.

On the bike, the stem has a 40mm stack, weighs between 100g for the 30mm ones to 138g for the 80mm stems.

To make this stem suitable for all frames in the market, they are made with 0 deg rise – neutral and flat that caters to all fitting options.




To get your hands on some Answers to customizing your bike, check out the full range of products at their website.

Or visit Tiong Hin Co for some expert advice.



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