Do check out the Black Inc/Hi Mod frame set promotion at Cannondale. And while you are at it, read through some of the innovations that Cannondale has to offer first. It will help you make a better purchase decision.




The promotion is for the 2015 Super Six EVO Black inc and Hi-Modulus frame sets. The black inc are the lightest production frame sets Cannondale has


All these starts with the BallisTec carbon – a base structure of ultra-strong fibers similar to those used for military ballistic armoring, combined with super-strong, high-impact resins similar to those used in composite baseball bats. Light, stiff and designed to endure thousands of stress cycles, the fibers and resin are combined in a lay-up that maximizes the anisotropic (direction-specific) qualities of the fibers. To tune the stiffness and ride-feel of the frame, Cannondale's BallisTec carbon frames are created with a network of stategically placed high modulus stiffening fibers throughout.

Cannondale BallisTec carbon construction creates extremely light, stiff and durable frames that their engineers can tune to deliver a precisely balanced ride quality, with engineered flex to minimize the effect of vibration and bumps. And despite being some of the absolute lightest frames in the universe, BallisTec carbon frames still manage to pass all of Cannondale's fatigue tests. 

Cannondale offers two levels of frames with BallisTec Carbon construction:

BallisTec HI-MOD – BallisTec at its best. Both versions share the same ultra strong base structure, but the Hi-MOD version uses a sophisticated mix of high and ultra-high modulus fibers to create the stiffening network, which keeps the overall structure weight to a minimum. The Hi-MOD fibers also deliver a communicative, lively ride-feel that keeps riders more connected with the road surface, letting them push the limits with greater control.

BallisTec Carbon – Combines the same BallisTec structure, shapes and lay-up as the HI-MOD frame, but with ride feel and stiffness that’s dialed-in by a greater percentage of intermediate-modulus fibers. The use of intermediate-modulus fibers increases frame weight slightly, but it allows Cannondale to offer superb ride quality, durability and light weight BallisTec Carbon technology to more cyclists.




Cannondale uses BB30 on their frames. By oversizing the bottom bracket shell and replacing the heavy, flexy steel BB spindle with a 30mm aluminum spindle with a unique, stress-reducing wave-taper crank interface the system not only became significantly lighter, but also significantly stiffer than traditional designs. Cannondale later released the design as a free industry standard and used by many other bike brands.

The Hollowgram and Si crankset are designed to leverage the benefits of the BB30 system, these light weight cranksets are currently one of the highest rated stiffness-to-weight ratio products in the market.

Spider rings are a double chainrings that are CNC from a single block of aluminum thus reducing weight while increasing stiffness and strength.

The Cannondale Holloagram SISL2 + spider rings is the Cannondale Cranks that come only with very High end Cannondale bikes. These cranks are hollow bonded and are the lightest alloy cranks around. They are also the lightest when it comes to Stiffness to Weight Ratio test.




All Cannondale manufactured products come with lifetime warranty. This include all Cannondale Cranks, Chainrings, Forks and Frames.




2015 Black Inc Frame + SISL2 Crankset + Spider Ring $5000.

2015 Black Inc Frame $3850

2015 SISL2 Crankset $1260

2015 Evo Hi-Mod + SISL2 Crankset + Spider Ring $4300

2015 Evo Hi-Mod $3150

2015 SISL2 Crankset $1260

  • Your Choice of Standard/Compact Chain rings.
  • Free Installation(Bike build,Excluding Small parts)
  • Promotional Fitting Rates




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