Polisport is a well-known brand name for mountain bike mud guards, accessories and bicycle seats for children. Their helmets, on the other hand, are usually overlooked by mountain bikers or road cyclists who are looking at more performance-specific products. We picked up a Polisport Purus and were pleasantly surprised. Read on to find out why.




We are well aware the importance of helmets to cycling. The rule of thumb has always been "No Helmet No Ride". That nicely sums up how important helmet is to cycling, or rather, how cardinal the helmet is to basic cycling safety. While the fundamental function of the helmet is to protect the cyclist wearing it, the cyclist is, in turn, subjected to the mercy of the helmet in more than one way. We wear the helmet to protect our heads, but at the same time, the helmet could be the cause of discomfort or even headaches should it be ill-fitting or badly ventilated. As such, the right fit is important when choosing a helmet.

There are many well-known and popular brands of helmet in the market, and much research had went into the development for the lightest, strongest or most well fitting helmets. One small hitch though – these top of the line helmets don't come cheap.

And I hear you say: "Hey, there's no compromise when it comes to safety!"

We definitely agree and practice that.



For those who are on tighter budgets, or are occasional cyclists, or commuters who usually ride at slow to moderate speed, comfort and lightness are the 2 main criteria when choosing a suitable helmet. And then, of course, it's the price!

Enters Polisport.

Polisport Group, is an international company founded in northern Portugal in the 80´s. The company specializes in motorcycle and bicycle accessories with exports to more than 70 countries worldwide. While they may not be the flashy brands that dot all race scene backdrops, they are certainly no push-over in terms of production experience and quality control.



Formerly known as the Iris, the Purus is Polisport's solution to a multi-function helmet. According the Polisport, the Purus' intended use is for road and mountain biking, as well as trekking. This means that the helmet is designed with comfort and ventilation in mind, apart from the main function of safety.

On first look, the Purus does have an organic and flowy shape, but it does not have much graphic on it, except for the brand's name. This may come across as boring to some, but for those who prefer their personality to shine more than their apparels and gears, this understated design is definitely worth a shortlist for their purchase. And with 4 colors to choose from, this helmet will indeed be a good match to any style.

The Purus is designed with 14 cooling vents, weighs 250 grams (medium size) and passed the CE-EN 1078 standards. Other features include: easy lock system,  washable padding and removable visor. They even include pins to cover visor holes should the user choose to use the helmet for road cycling, where visors are not needed. 

The helmet is in-mold manufactured, which means that the outer PC shell is bonded to the inner EPS shell, creating a light and more resistant helmet. 




The Purus is catered to a wide group of users. And one important aspect we discovered is, it also fits well. While we cannot be sure the group of riders who test-fitted the Purus are representative of Asian head shapes, our eventual long-term user is happy with the helmet. He had the helmet strapped on or most part of a ride day – almost 6 hours of riding time! And his verdict: "It's light enough, well ventilated and fits me very well!"

The Purus is a good helmet for those light users (road or mountain bikers), trekkers, commuters and those who wants a budget entry-level helmet that has all the features of more expensive ones. It is also a good spare helmet when the other helmets are still hanging out to sun. And at the price it is asking for, you could simply get all 4 colours to match your different riding style as you fancy!



Polisport is available at:

Rodalink Woodlands

11 Woodlands Close, #01-24, 

Singapore 737853 

Phone number:+65 6734 9972


Rodalink One Commonwealth

1 Commonwealth Lane,

#01-14/15 One Commonwealth,

Singapore 149544

Phone number:+65 6475 4833


Rodalink East Coast

166B Upper East Coast Road,

Singapore 455270

Phone number: +65 6242 8330


Rodalink Jurong East

18 Boon Lay Way,

Singapore 609966

Phone number: +65 795 4320