We are well aware of the importance of a good bike fit when it comes to buying a new road racer, triathlon bike or a time trial bike. For most, it simply means measuring some vital points like length of limbs, in-seam and height of the cyclist. But in order to get the best out of a new bike, the components has to come together to help you go fast, win races and minimize the strain on your body on extended endurance rides. While there are many bike fitting programs and equipment offered by bike shops to help the cyclist fulfill this objective, Bikezilla came across one particularly outstanding service provider that seems to be a low-hassle affair, and yet manages to achieve very accurate results. Meet the GURU System of bike fit!




Whether you are a casual cyclist who loves going on long all-day rides, a triathlete or track/time-trial racer or simply a cross-discipline cyclist on a fitness regime, once you are on a race bike, a proper bike fit becomes a pivotal aspect of good performance and a rewarding ride.

Before we move on, let's all agree on a few aspects of bike fitting.

  • Firstly, a bike fit program is only as good as the fitter himself/herself.
  • Secondly, a dynamic bike fit system, as opposed to a static one, is more technologically advanced, and is capable of helping the cyclist maintain his/her posture and  allow for continuous motion throughout the fit so that the fitting process is seamless. Moreover, comparisons between changes in postures can be experienced in real-time.




The GURU System comes in 2 parts. The first part of the bike fit program is the gathering of the cyclist's fit coordinates on board the Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU). This part is simpler compared to those in static tests which require more time for additional information like range of motion. During a dynamic bike fit, such readings are not required during the first part of the fit as the cyclist would be going through a range of bike fit postures later and that in itself, is more accurate and realistic than a static range of motion check. 

With the initial fit coordinates, the fitter would be able to set up a fit bike with the initial optimal reach, stack, crank length, handle bar and seat positions. It is important to note that the riding posture of a race, triathlon and time trial bike are all quite different so the fitter and cyclist both have to be clear that this is established from the onset of the bike fit program. 

At this point, the cyclist would be able to work out an optimal cycling posture onboard the fitting bike which would adjust height and reach to best suit the cyclist. There are 6 motors on this bike, and they move the handlebars fore/aft and up/down (2 motors), the saddle (2 motors), and then the bike ascends and descends (2 motors). We were told that this is the only fitting bike that can simulate ascending and descending riding. As such, the GURU System is suitable even for bike fitting a mountain bike for trail duty. 

The second part of the bike fit program is to translate the acquired fit coordinates into a real world solution for the cyclist. The GURU System features a complete virtual warehouse with more than 100 brand of bikes and 10,000 individual models. There is definitely a bike that suits the cyclists from this database!

For this second part, the virtual warehouse can be utilized in 2 ways: Either to fit the cyclist to a most suitable bike or help adjust a purchased bike to fit the cyclist in the most optimal way. Either way will ensure that the cyclist gets the most effective fit for a comfortable and efficient ride.




All these steps may seem a little complicated for the uninitiated, so we got our Bikezilla "guinea pig" in for a bike fit session. This is how the whole affair went.

Our tester, Mao arrives at Cannasia@Vertex and was greeted by her fitter. They then took Mao's height and other cycling related measurements, like shoulder width and inseam.


The GURU DFU is then prepared based on Mao's measurements.

First,  they chose the most appropriate handle bar and saddle for her…


And proceeded to install them onto the DFU.


Then the crank arm's length was adjusted based on her inseam measurement.


With these basics prepped, the dynamic fitting began.

During the fitting session, the handle bar, the saddle would change its height and reach on the DFU according to the cyclist's preference and best cycling posture. The DFU would then also tilt itself to simulate ascending and descending to adjust the cyclist's postures based on these 2 situations. The cyclist's motion throughout the process was traced via a Kinect System (similar to the system found in Wii and Kinect game consoles) and the readings recorded for analysis.


When all the readings were gathered, the GURU System would either (1) match a bike for the cyclist, or (2) suggest adjustments to an already-purchased bike for optimal fit for the owner.


An email with the fitting analysis was sent to her shortly. Based on the recommended fitting measurements, she made some adjustments to her road bike and came back 4th (a marked improvement from her usual performance) at the cycling leg in her category at the Singapore International Triathlon held on 25 July 2015.  



The GURU System is an accurate and hi-tech method to bike fitting. We were especially impressed that the readings were acquired quickly through the adoption of Kinect technology, the result being a smooth and efficient fitting process via the DFU. The cyclist need only continue cycling and the simulation works and reacts realistically. The additionally exclusive feature of simulating ascending and descending is a big bonus that really amps the experience with this bike fit system. And to top it all, the GURU System has a huge database of currently available bikes. This makes the fit unbiased. Of course, a cyclist could first choose a bike that he/she prefers and try to adjust the bike to what the GURU System had suggested. 

The GURU System is applicable for road, triathlon, time trial and even mountain bikes. And it's analysis and fitting did indeed help our "guinea pig" rider Mao achieved some improved results right at her very next triathlon race with simply some adjustments to her bike.

With that said, the biggest determining factor whether the GURU System would help you or not rest largely on the bike fitter. An experienced bike fitter can ultimately do wonders in helping you fine tune your current bike or in attaining that dream race-ready machine you've always been lusting over.

Communication with the fitter is also an important factor during the fitting process.

Now, simply book an appointment with Cannasia, tell them what kind of bike your want to be fitted for, get your bike fitting done and start riding fast and far! Have fun!




GURU System bike fitting service is available at Cannasia@Vertex.

Please contact them for more information.


#01-20, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408868, Tel: (65) 65-700-634