Cycling can be enjoyed in many ways. It is about freedom, it is a social sport, it is about sanctuary for the mind and it is about seeing the world in a pace you can digest. Sometimes we want to stay connected with the world while we are riding, other times we wish we could soak into the riding mood even more. And there are times we wish we could have a easier way to communicate among riding buddies. Enter the VERTIX Velo Wireless Headset – a value-added device that could make the ride more enjoyable.





The VERTIX Velo is a wireless cyclist headset designed to enhance riding experience. In short, these are headsets that can be fitted onto your cycling helmets, and work as both a communication tool between cyclists during rides, and a hands-free headset for your smart phones. And with the smart phone, staying connected with the outside world or enjoying your favourite tunes from your playlist is simply a click away.

The Velo comes in 2 editions – Road and Mountain Biking. They are bundled with different headset designs to best suit the conditions of the ride. The Velo headsets delivers high quality audio and are equipped with their very own Cut-the-Noise filtering technology to ensure that audio quality are up to standard throughout the ride.

The wireless headsets also eliminates any potential risk of obstructing movements or tangling with overhanging branches.








Just what do we mean when we say it helps enjoy the ride more? 

For a start, we will never need to stop cycling to answer a phone call. It could be really frustrating when we are tackling a climb and is just getting into momentum when the phone rings. Of coure, we could choose to continue riding, ignore everything else and disabling the auto-answer mode. We could always return the call at a later time, couldn't we? Or we could simply enable the auto-answer mode to have that quick chat when the phone rings. It may be that all-important call that just needed a quick reply from you anyway. (And it is really distracting when the phone keeps ringing and you can't put it on silent mode for the day – we know that feeling alright.)

During long trail rides, music played from the smart phone via headsets (as opposed to mini speakers in our backpacks or back pockets) allow us to keep our pedaling in rhythm yet not disturb other riders or the sanctuary of the forest. We are well aware that wildlife are easily startled by unfamiliar noises, and loud music may be a bit too much for them.

In group rides, a set of comm-link for the leader, assistant and sweeper could be an invaluable set of equipment in ensuring the safety of the group. And even among experienced riders, a comm-link would mean convenience in terms of communication between members of the riding group.






We think the biggest selling point for the VERTIX Velo is its enhancement to convenience and its value-add to safety during cycling. It allows chatting simultaneously between ( and up to) 4 sets via blue-tooth. The headset is voice-activated, which goes active when it detects the rider talking. This means only voices are heard, and not the heavy panting of the riders. Comm-links aside, the VERTIX Velo also allows cyclists to stay connected through their mobile phones while on the move. Now, this is something that we would like to have during our rides, especially long epic rides.

Bikezilla will field test these headsets soon. Stay tuned for the full review.




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