After over two years in development, WTB is finally releasing their new Ci24 TCS Carbon rim.  WTB went through five different iterations of design and redesign, settling on the current design after extensive testing beneath Team WTB riders. Add these rims to your wish list now and read the details here!



There are two things that dramatically stand out with this rim,” stated Chris Feucht, WTB’s product manager. “The 4D angled drilling with chamfer and the true TCS, ETRTO tubeless profile. When you’re dealing with a material as stiff as carbon, it’s imperative that the spokes are aligned properly for departure from the rim. If the holes are just drilled in a standard, perpendicular manner to the rim’s surface, there will invariably be binding and uneven application of stresses. This is especially critical when combined with a material as unyielding as Carbon. The result is broken spokes, nipples and even hub flanges in some extreme cases.  WTB’s 4D drilling on the Ci24 Carbon rims solves binding, while still allowing easy access to the nipples for simple tensioning
WTB first introduced 4D drilling in 2012 with their Frequency rims, later expanding the option to their race-oriented KOM rims and more recently with their 45mm Scraper rims aimed at the plus sized 27.5” and 29” markets.




The second thing is the TCS, ETRTO tubeless profile,” continued Feucht. “It goes beyond just being able to air up with a floor pump, it is wholeheartedly designed around retention, yet still mountable without tools, generally, you can’t find that in carbon.  Now we could go on and on about this type of layup, or that type of weave, direction, or modulus but when it boils down to it, the important thing is it works. We added extra material where it needs it, we thought about the material’s characteristics throughout the whole process. Carbon isn’t for everyone – once you ride it, you don’t want to go back, but understanding that distinction is important. What we’ve done is make our Ci24 Carbon rims as strong as possible while staying true to that understanding that for certain applications or riders, alloy may be the better choice.



For Team WTB racer and Global OEM Sales Manager Jason Moeschler, Carbon is his material of choice:
The direct, instantaneous feedback and precision you get from your wheels is hard to refute,” stated Moeschler, “but you still have to be aware that you’re riding Carbon, even if it’s strong. Different riders on the team favor different rims and a lot of it boils down to preference and riding style. At the same race you’ll find Team WTB racers on Asym i29s or i35s, a Frequency i25 and i23 pairing, or sometimes I find myself on KOMs. I’ve watched these [Ci24] rims evolve over absolutely exhaustive testing. Yes, they have gained some weight but they’ve also gained an incredible amount of strength each time their design has been altered. While maybe not for everyone, a lot has gone into making these rims stronger.




WTB Ci24 Carbon rims come in 27.5” and 29” options, weighing 414g and 420g respectively.  The Ci24 rims feature a 30mm outer width combined with a 24mm full TCS profile inner width and have an overall depth of 31mm.  Available only in 32 hole configurations, the rims carry a $549.95 USD MSRP with an aftermarket expected availability of June 2015.


All information and photo by WTB