Street and park BMX brand Premium is one sick representative of the the street riding culture. Like many other street bike companies, they have team riders in many countries. And it is through these riders that we truly feel the intensity and life of street riding – street and park BMX to be precise. We share Premium BMX riders' interviews – Blake Peters (USA), Josh de Reus (NZL) and Lewis Morgan (AUS). We are sure these folks will motivate you to "Go Ride!"





If you live in the San Diego (SD) area, you can ride your bike all your long. Premium's Blake Peters talks about riding and more …


Name: Blake Peters

Age: 21

Hometown: San Diego

Sponsors: Premium Products


How's living in the SD area during the winter?
Blake: You can't beat it! Perfect everyday with maybe a week total of rain, no wonder so many pros visit during this time.


Who do you ride with on a regular basis that are 'well known' riders?
Blake: Most of the Markit crew (Dennis Enarson, Connor Lodes, Mike Jonas, Chad Kerley, Christian Rigal) and of course the endless amount of local shredders.


Always street, or dirt and concrete parks as well?
Blake: I'll ride anything, I love street but lately a lot of park allowing my wrist to heal since street can be pretty heavy. I'm finally getting back into the street game thankfully.


Have you ever tried riding vert?
Blake: Nothing serious, but me and Mike Jonas will occasionally get into the vert ramp at Clairemont to get a good pump.


How good is your flatland?
Blake: If you count hang 5's as flatland, I can do that, but that's it haha.


Do nose wheelies count as flatland in your opinion?
Blake: Watching Matthias Dandois' edits convince me that they definitely count in the flatland game no doubt.


Where's the 'meet up place' before a session in SD?
Blake: Meeting up at Dennis' house is always the first stop of the day, it's in the middle of everything.


Freecoaster all the way?
Blake: I'm fresh on the coaster game, took everyone a long time of convincing me but it's safe to say I'm not turning back, I love it!


When did you take your brakes off?
Blake: I officially took them off when I was like 15 or 16


Do you ever miss them?
Blake: Nope!


School or work for you?
Blake: Currently just applied for a new job now that I'm mostly healed.


Do you ever leave early so you can go ride?
Blake: I have left work early to ride, whether it was a cool boss that let me or a "Doctors appointment"


Best buddy: Connor Lodes and Dennis Enarson are the DUDES.


Best place to go out: Haven't had many experiences since I just turned 21, so I'll just say Clairemont skatepark.


Best local spot: Markit ramps!


Best trick: I like barspins


Best bike: Premium CK I just built, most dialed bike I've ever had.


Best video: Markit Zero, can't count how many times I've watched that. Dem boys kill it.


Thanks to: Anyone who supports me, especially Premium.






Josh de Reus got an interview on FATBMX earlier. Learn more about the Premium rider from New Zealand.



Name: Josh de Reus

Age: 21

Hometown: Cambridge, New Zealand

Sponsors: Premium, BMX.CO.NZ, Verve

Your last name sounds Dutch. Do you know what your last name means?
Josh: My dad came from Holland yeah but I have never been there and don't know what it means aha.


The Nitro Circus is in town, are you going to see the show?
Josh: Maybe. I have seen it before but maybe I will try go again.

You mentioned that the first rider you met was Paul Langers. He just set a new long distance record jumping his BMX. How different is his riding from yours?
Josh: He's a boss. Well I mostly ride street so pretty different, but ah we still have the same idea have fun an be happy riding your bike

Do you hit up other riding spots than just the streets sometimes?
Josh: I ride some parks for sure an I get down on trails! I like whatever really just riding my bike is what I like! But to film, street.

What is it that you like to ride most on street. Rails, ledges, banks, walls?
Josh: Anything really but can't beat a good ledge or a rail.

Are you part of the freecoaster crew now?
Josh: Haha Yup! Shout out Conner Lodes for that!

What hub do you use?
Josh: Demolition Rotator

Street riders don't always wear the full protection kit. Do you ever wear anything?
Josh: Nah nothing, I like to feel like I can ride whenever without having to "get ready " you know?

Dealing with the pain rather than riding the next day?
Josh: I usually just ride it out, adrenaline seems to be a pretty good pain killer, plus I stay healthy so that helps to be able to be on it everyday.

Do you ride with music in your ears?
Josh: If alone! If I'm with some homies nah! Maybe if I'm trying to film. Depends on the situation.

What music are you listening to?
Josh: I listen to some 90's hip hop, Wu tang, Mobb deep ya know, or Mac Miller Joey bada$$ or like psychedelic rock, when I'm chilling anything! Jazz Blues, Reggea I like all music!

How was the Montreal trip with the Premium boys?
Josh: Montreal was a dream come true for me so can't thank everyone enough for the opportunity! Dope spots, cool crew. Just chilling hanging out.

Are you filming clips for something in particular at the moment?
Josh: Yeah I'm filming a Premium Vid so keep a look out for that, been working on it for a while now.

When's the next trip for you?
Josh: Think I am going to New York in June maybe..






New kid on the block: Lewis Morgan (Australia). An interview:


CM: So you’re from Darwin? Is there much of a riding scene there?

LM: I’m actually from a remote town called Katherine, 300kms South of Darwin.  Growing up there was a few older riders but over the past couple years there was only really myself and my mate Braiden.



CM: Why did you move to Queensland?

LM: After 10 years in Katherine, Mum and Dad decided it was time for a change.



CM: We found you because you were tagging Premium a bit, that’s a good way to get our attention. What pumped you up about Premium brand?

LM: I’ve been a fan of premium since back when Garrett Reynolds was on the team. I’ve also been riding the CK frame since the first month it was out and am loving everything about it.



CM: Your brother is becoming quite a good film maker. Is it handy having him around?


LM: Yeah its so good, filming with James is so stress free because he is so patient when it comes to filming and I’m never worried about how it is going to look as he always seems to make it look fresh. Also I would rather it just be me and James when I want to film something big or scary because I don’t like the pressure that come when there’s lots of people watching.


CM: We have to ask… When’s a Premium web video coming?​​

LM: Well I’ve just started working on my new web video so it shouldn’t be to far away.



CM: It seems like you can do almost all the tech ledge moves. What’s been a hard one to learn? 

LM: Haha not quite them all, you never can. Well I struggled with feeble hard 3’s for a while but I’ve seemed to have figured them out now.


CM: You just got back from a Sydney trip, what was all that about?

LM: Yeah I went down to Sydney for a few nights to meet up with a good mate of mine, Dayvis Heyne. We did a bit of filming and went to a sick jam at Maquarie Fields Skate Park.



CM: Any dreams of coming State side?
LM: I think all Aussie riders dream of going to the States. I would love to go there and ride all the different parts of the country and one day to live, I’m thinking New York City.



CM: Are you going to finish school with flying colors?
LM: If I was as motivated about school as I am riding I’d be getting straight A’s, let’s just say the day I finish school will be a colorful one.


Keep up with Lewis @lewismorgann.

Lewis Morgan interview by Colin Mackay.




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