Mountain bikers who are jumping onto the 1 by 11-speed bandwagon have had good times in 2013 and 2014. There had been some good choices available for off-the-shelf purchases and also very decent conversion kits. Things are going to get better. AbsoluteBlack is now more accessible to Singapore mountain bikers than before!



Passion from UK!

AbsoluteBLACK is a rider-developed bicycle company out of Woburn, UK. Founder Marcin Golec – a Polish engineer, designer and former Trek Bicycle Corp employee – is an extremely passionate mountain biker himself and decided to use his expertise to build a career in the industry that really matters to him. With his strong engineering background in physics and CAD design, combined with bike industry knowledge, he began to create unique bike parts with unique aesthetics.

The company's main focus is to build all their components attractive, high quality and most technologically advanced at a fair price. They consider this the biggest challenge in modern day mountain biking as riders are riding faster and fiercer. Often times, good designs are simply too expensive in mass production and they end up going only as far as the drawing board.



Their Process

The designers at AbsoluteBLACK uses 3D CAD Software to give them the freedom of creation. Fully integrated FEA enables them to analyze and optimize the design to avoid any weak points and reduce mass to a minimum. After the first prototype is made, it is tested extensively for several months. The prototypes would then go for further test with some pro riders.




As a relatively new brand, they currently carry a range of hubs, cogs, cassette cogs, chainrings and rotors. A look at their website would quickly give the impression that these folks are serious about applying the best technologies for the components they produce. Bikezilla would not list the claims here until the products are tested further on our tropical terrains. AbsoluteBLACK products are now available at Cannasia. Time to go check them out!




83/85 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458211
Tel: (65) 6441-4772

#01-20, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408868
Tel: (65) 65-700-634





AbsoluteBLACK website:


All photos by Cannasia and AbsoluteBLACK