Shreddin' it in Metro Manila!

There is this strange feeling that the Philippines has some vibes similar to Brazil. Maybe it's the tight urban structures, maybe the street art or maybe they are both large Catholic countries. Whatever it is, there's a certain liveliness in Metro Manila – much like how it feels when you watch a Latino scene in the movies. The city is indeed interesting. We spoke to Elcen Banagalorioso, young street BMX rider from Laspinas City, Metro Manila on the BMX scene in her area … and how she rides.




Name: Elcen Banagalorioso

Nickname: Ice

Age: 19 years old

Current Ride Discipline: Park and Street BMX

Favourite Brands: Total Bmx, BSD, Eclat, and our local brand Scrapbikes

Team: Scrapbikes Philippines

Favourite Riding Locations: Pelota Skate Park, Rave Skate Park and the street around in her neighborhood.

Current bike: Scrapbikes

Daily Grind: Studying Computer Programming at ICC.

Wishlist: A tricked-Out Total Bmx!

Favourite Bike Shop: Scrapbikes Bike Shop (Novaleches City, Metro Manila Philippines)

Favourite Ride Apparel: Markit, Total Bmx


Describe your personality in 5 words:

Adventurous, Workaholic, Family Oriented, Cheerful, Religious


What makes you like BMX riding?

It started with just hanging out with friends in the neighborhood, chilling and riding, but the sport grew on me. I love riding BMX.


Do you have any mentor?

Yes, I have. His name is Dan Lopez. I'd say he is really good in the sport as he has joined overseas competitions. He helped me with sincerity and passion. To me, a good mentor makes a good rider. He showed much concern and encouragement to me. Once, I got hurt during a ride and he said: "Its okay that's part of becoming a good rider". It motivated me!


What is a typical ride day like in your area?

Every ride session is fun! We will visit a bike park or hang around the neighborhood. Riders will teach or show each other new tricks. We only ride during bright sunny days though. At the bigger bike parks, we usually spend the whole day there.


Do you ride in other cities or countries?

My friends and fellow riders already went abroad to ride but I'm still looking forward to that. As of now I am enjoying our ride into different cities and places where there's big riding events.


What music are you into?

Ghetto, RnB, Acoustic and Hip Hop


Does riding and music has any correlation to you?

Yes, its like dancing when you are in the rhythm of the music.


How does the non-riding community view cyclist in general in the Philippines?

I asked one of my friends who is not a cyclist about BMX riding and her view is that BMX is too dangerous for her. But she also thinks different people would have fun in different ways so she respect my preference. I am supposed to give first priority to safety at all times.


Any shoutouts for the riding folks?

Just ride your bike and concentrate on having fun with it!! Forget the rest of your worries for that moment while you are riding! 🙂


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All photos used with permission.