Spare Yourself the Pressure of a Flat Tire Change:

patchnride Launches the World’s First Permanent Tire Repair System 




What patchnride™ says


patchnride™ releases its innovative solution to quickly, easily and permanently repair all flat bicycle tires. Featuring patent- pending technology, patchnride works by inserting a patch and adhesive into the tire, repairing it from within. Providing a quick repair for numerous tire types, patchnride is available for tubular, clincher, mountain bike, cruiser, fat and running stroller tires, and will soon be able to repair tubeless tires as well. patchnride also reduces the carbon footprint by helping to eliminate the more than no less than 20 million* inner tubes that are tossed into landfills each year. (* Figures based on patchnride™ earlier estimation)


patchnride transforms the tedious process of changing a flat into a 60-second blip in your ride. The breakthrough technology in patchnride eliminates the need to remove the wheel, and allows cyclists to patch the same tire as many times as needed. Once patched, the tire is ready for any riding conditions or terrain. Perfect for road cyclists, triathletes, long-distance cyclists, mountain bikers and daily cruisers, patchnride offers a simple five-step process for repairing a flat. 


First, wipe patchnride’s leak detector along the tire, causing bubbles to form at the site of the leak. Then, pinch the tire to insert patchnride into the puncture. Pull the slider back to load the patch, hit the start button to release the adhesive and then push the slider forward to insert the patch into the tire. Remove patchnride and press down on the repair to set the adhesive. A thin rubber piece will remain, signaling the repair is complete. Simply add air and be on your way.  (Watch video above)


“The technology behind patchnride eliminates traditional repair methods such as messy sealers, greasy bike chains and wheel removal,” says Alexander Deiser, Co-Founder of patchnride. “Virtually effortless to use, patchnride repairs a punctured tire while still on the wheel without any necessary skills, additional tools or preparation. The great thing about patchnride is that its simplicity makes it perfect for a serious cyclist or triathlete as well as cruising types or parents. It’s a product that’s never existed before, and we’re ecstatic to bring it to the market.”


The uniqueness of patchnride is based on a reusable system of cartridges called patch pods. Patch pods are replaceable and interchangeable cartridges that hold the patch for a tire. After changing a flat, a user simply needs to remove the used patch pod and insert a new one. Thus, the cost to repair is flat is only that of a patch pod refill. Patch pods are for one-time use and available in two variations: the road patch pod for clincher, tubular and triathlon bikes; and the mountain patch pod for mountain bikes, cruisers and running strollers. Each patchnride purchase includes one patch pod.


Additional Information of patchnride


• patchnride™ is designed and developed in USA.


• At first glance, patchnride™ seems to be most suitable for road and urban bikes. We will await more reviews with regards to mountain bikes, DJ/slope bikes and BMXes.


• While patchnride™ is good for a foreign object puncture, it is not going to be as effective for pinch flats or snakebikes. For pinch flats and snakebikes, the rider will still have to remove the wheel to check on what caused the pinch.


• patchnride™ is not a sealant. It is a patch kit that inserts itself into the tube.


• Currently, it is not available for delivery yet, but it is open for pre-order. There is also no dealers listing for the product yet. We will await more user-reviews when the product is eventually available.


• For a limited time, patchnride™ is hosting an online pre-sale and offering a 50% off package that includes patchnride, two patch pods and two leak detectors. Visit to purchase the product and learn more. 



Technical information and photos by patchnride