Street and dirt ridings are all about enjoying the streets or dirt, challenging yourself and have tons of fun while doing it alone or with friends. Sounds like a male dominant ride discipline, many would say. While street or dirt riding is in fact popular with the dudes, there are a small niche of gal riders that shred just as impressively as the boys. Meet Kinga Kaszewiak from Poland! At first impression she reminded us of a well-known pop star. But as we speak to her more, what became clear is – Kinga is the real deal! An avid street and dirt rider, she appreciate stuffs that other girls may quickly dismiss as male-territory items. For a start, she talks about her NS Suburban with a true heartfelt love for it. And she loves pulling off new tricks. We see a lot of enthusiasm and passion in her about biking. Read on boys and girls and get inspired by a street riders with the skills and the looks!



Name: Kinga Kaszewiak

Nickname: None ,but ' kinMTB ' at all accounts.

Age: 20 years old

Year Riding: I started riding in middle of 2009 , but I have had injury in September 2010 at a dirt trail. I was trying a totally new technical trial when I approached too fast, and flew off the mark. Ended up with 2 broken both arms. The left was an open fracture of the bone, and the right was a fracture with displacement. I had operation and the doctor gave pins and plates to them .I couldn't ride until they were removed. It was really a bad time for me. I had a second operation at the beginning of 2013. At the end of 2013 I started riding again.


Ride achievements: Every new trick is a big achievements for me 😉

Sponsors: None

Team: None

Favorite tricks: Barspin, Tuck no hander


Favorite riding spots: Local skate parks

Current bike: NS Bikes Suburban 2009 with Rockshox Argyle 409



Where do you study: I'm art high school graduate. I'm going to university this year.

Favourite food: Smoked salmon

Do you have a “dream bike”? : I love my own . I would love to make it lighter , nothing more 😉

Dream job: Secret 🙂



We notice that you do a lot of art and some modelling, How involved are you with these activities?

Art was part of my school subjects. I am art high school graduate. Time when I couldn't ride (because of my injury) I used to learn something new, like drawing and other art stuff. It developed my creativity. If we talk about modeling , It is not totally serious. But that's true , I like to pose for photos when I have free time or when I have ideas for good shots.


We also notice that when you ride you look very cool in your street clothes and when you are not riding you changed into a feminine image. Which look is the real you?

Both are real. I can change clothes as much as I want, it doesn't restrict what I really am inside. But as you noticed, I like these two styles the most. Sporty outfits I wear for riding, traveling and everywhere where it's suitable. I love Vans stuff, especially their caps and shoes. But I'm still a real lady, not a "tomboy", so you can find in my wardrobe lots of dresses, high-heel shoes and other female stuff too. One think which never change is make-up. I do not like lots of it on my face, so usually I choose mascara and neutral lip gloss.


Describe your personality.

This seems tough, because it's not easy to talk objectively about yourself. However, I think I'm hard working,  especially if it is for something that is very important to me. And I am also a determined person. I'd do anything to have what I want , and usually I will get it 🙂


Why do you choose to do street riding and dirt jump as oppose to other riding discipline?

I also ride park, in fact I do it the most. Dirt was cool till I got my arms broken and it was also one of my favorite riding style for many years . I like these ride styles because I get high air and I get to do tricks. It's a wonderful feeling.


Any competitions joined?

I do not care about winnings, I ride for my own satisfaction.


How do you go about learning a trick?

I guess the best is foam pit. I used to have one. But now I have to learn everything on hard ground. The best way to learn everything is to take as long as you need and not rush yourself. It will prevent you from injuries.


Do you have any mentor?

No, I don't. But my huge idol is Mark Webb. In my opinion he's the best rider ever.


What goes in your mind when you are about to attempt a difficult trick?

I never try to do something that I am sure that I could not do it. That's stupidity. Before I try any trick, I will be very focused on what I'm doing, and be extremely careful and alert. Most important is adequate protection, because your body's well-being is everything.


What is a typical ride day like in your area?

I usually ride in the afternoon. Sometimes in a group and sometimes alone. I do not like when weather is boiling hot, it's impossible to enjoy riding. And then it's simply to have fun 🙂


What music are you into?

I like energetic 80's hits, but my favourite bands are Baths, Neon Indian, Daft Punk, MGMT and Crystal Castles.


Does riding and music has any correlation to you?

I never ride with headphones, but when music is loud , it's cool . Totally chillout 🙂


What are your wish list when it comes to riding? 

I wish I could move to Australia or the USA. I think they are simply better, more people who ride, more girl riders, and obviously more rad spots. I ride for fun, I do not aim at being the best. Of course every new trick makes me happy , but it's not the most important. If it is possible I wish I could be a part of some bike project. I guess it could be really interesting new experience.


What is your impression on Poland and European cycling scene?

Europe is divided into eastern and western part. In the west, each field is better developed. Poland is Eastern Europe, so cycling scene is "limping" . However, I think that every year my country becomes better. And if we are talking about Western Europe, it is already very good.


And how do you compare the US of A scene with the European scene then?

I can't answer about other parts of Europe , but when we compare Poland and the USA ,we can see a big gap between this both regions. In every fields US is better. I guess US spots are one of the best in the world. We just have to look at their dirt trails, skate parks.


How does the public (non-riding community) view street riders in Poland?

It is kinda new sport in Poland. All types of extreme sports are strange to the community. Of course we got lots of locals riders here, many of them are very good , even going by International standards. I think after Nitro Circus Live in Warsaw (Polish capital city), people started be more interested and saw what's going on in this sport.


Is there anything that the street riding community did to neutralize any “bad” or unwholesome impression that the public has on the street riding community?

n my opinion if riders don't destroy anything or do not harm anybody, then, what bad is street riding ? Many non-bikers are impressed in street bike riding so I guess they like it 🙂


Are the government in Poland supportive of street riding?

I think you can get a penalty or fine for riding in prohibited although I have never experienced it before. I do not think that our government supports street riding.



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All photos by Kinga Kaszewiak