To a layman, the benefit of cycling is simply to keep fit, improve moto-reflexes, lose weight, explore the neighborhood … (the list goes on). To a passionate cyclist, these are just face-value stuff. What does cycling represent to a cyclist then? To hardcore enthusiasts, they don't just cycle. they ride.

Riding from a young age does shape a person's character differently. This story is not about the study of how riding can benefit a person physically. Rather, this is a story that shall spearhead more voices from riders. And this is a story about what riding means to a truly dedicated rider.

Meet Jerome Sim. 19 years old, who in his early years took the route less traveled in pursuit of BMX street riding excellence. This made him somewhat the dude that "stood out", "the rebel" or "the one that didn't conform". Undaunted, and with motivation from like-minded kids in the hood, he hopped on his street BMX and never look back.

Jerome did a very cool edit for his new Haro BMX recently.

The edit is awesome!


Bikezilla got Jerome to spill out what motivates him to keep riding. Here's what Jerome said in his own words:


As time passes by, and you realize that you've been riding on your bicycles for a few years (or maybe a few months), I believe you people have asked yourselves this question (because I do)

"Why did I even pick up this sport?".

Some people started riding for the thrill, some started out of curiosity, and some, I'd say, was due to peer influence. People who have never ever ridden a BMX bike, or a downhill bike, or even trial-bike, would say that cycling is child's play…

Regardless of what discipline you live by (BMX, downhill, MTB, trial, fixie), one thing in common is – cycling is a gateway to getting together with friends. It is a way of bonding friendship, and mutual motivation – in terms of training eg. speed and techniques for Downhill MTB, or the finer points of tricks  for BMX or Street MTB.

Once, I was confronted by some friends, insulting me of my interest in BMX riding. I remembered hearing some insults like;

 "BMX Riding is child's play. Go grab a soccer ball or something.",

"You won't go far in BMX-riding.", 

"You are always cycling. Don't you feel that you have no life?".

Everybody has their own interests. Some are interested in soccer, some in basketball, this list goes on… But we, as riders, do what we feel most comfortable with – Cycling. People said that I won't go far in BMX-riding, (that's what they think). Today, I'm proud to say that I'm a team rider for RayXtreme. I've made it! As the saying by Confucius goes, "It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."

My shoutout to all riders -Continue to commit in whatever you're doing. Ride hard, and shred hard!


Bikezilla has this to say:

While it is not necessary always the case, but more often than not, those who start riding at a young age and passionately , consistently continue with the sport usually end up good riders in other riding disciplines too. But this does not mean that if you are not a teenager or not has prior riding experience you should not pick up the sport. (Readers can comment on this statement at our forum page if they wish to share their opinions) 

Simply pick up a bike, ride, and don't stop riding. Ever. And enjoy the journey.


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Ed: Please ride at safe spots and obey traffic and pedestrian rules at all times.


Riding is about being with friends. 


Photo credits: Jerome Sim