TRAIL – Trail / Trail feature Building and Maintenace


In preparation of the coming MTB Descend downhill race (16 MArch 2014), the boys from Freeriders Unleashed took the day to add in a wall ride feature which will be used during the race along Tampines Trail's freeride line. 

Trail maintenance and trail feature construction are part of the bigger picture of mountin biking. It is through these activities that one feels closer to the trail and develope a sense of belonging.  Trail works are not easy task, but they are defintely rewarding. Imagine a lot of digging, shaping and carrying works! Besides Tampines Trail, there are other trail adoption programs that need support from the mountain biking community.

Besides providing labour assistance, sponsorship for tools transportation and refreshments will also be a great help.


MTB Descend is happening on 16 March 2014!

Venue: Tampines Trail Freeride Line

Time: 8.30 am – 2.00pm

Fee: $20 per person


Junior: 18 years and below

Open: Open to all ages

Masters: 36 years and above

Medals and prizes to be won!


This is how they Roll!

To find out more about how you can help, join them at: