5 – 9 March 2014


The recent Taipei Cycle 2014 at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall was again a powerhouse of information for the cycling industry. For the visitors, the exhibition is both taxing mentally and physically – in a very good way though. There are 3 levels of exhibitors, all ready to bombard you with their offerings and information if you so much as smile at them. And so start Bikezilla's multi-day visit to Taipei Cycle 2014.


The first and second level saw many regular names of the cycling industry. Check out the photos below and in the photo gallery. Besides the big manufacturers and brand names, there were many new entrants. Exhibitor booths overflowed to the third level and part of the outdoor area of the exhibition hall. One nice feature noted was that mainland Chinese manufacturers were really putting up good efforts to challenge the long-term Taiwanese market dominators. Many booths had prospective designers and innovators discussing their next big plans with the manufacturing booths' operators.


The fun thing about such a big exhibtion is that different people go there with different missions and chances are it would end up fruitful. So it doesn't matter if one is going there for new contacts, renew business relationships, view new product samples, steal ideas, source for brands to acquire, soak in the cycle industry's mood or whatever the reason, one will very likely come out overloaded with information and feeling fruitfully satisfied.


We also want to conclude that it is always good to have some spare time and an open mind when visiting such exhibitions – regardless of what your original mission to Taipei Cycle 2014 was. Why? Cos you will never know what else you may discover there if you look beyond the stuffs that you come into contact with regularly.


One example is "bike design". Not a urban bike fan? But take a look and you will agree that these designs just show that designs and innovations start from every corner of the industry.

And of course, mountain bike frame designs are also given their limelight.


The next unwholesome fad?

There are also some eye candies mingling around ….

More shots of some noteworthy booths …

Tons of fun if used on the right kind of trails

Monster Downhill Tyres. How well will it fare?

Now any bike can be an e-bike …

Shortest seat tube …

More photos coming up soon!