The Yew Tee Street Jam 2014 had to change date due to logistic reasons. Besides the change of date, there seem to be no other major disruptions. During this period, there were enquiries with regards to why the registration form was not activated yet. We are happy to see the enthusiasm from the local riders in joining this very local event. Kudos to all of you guys! Those who have already registered, your names are already in our records so please do not worry. 


The updated event details by Elco International are as follows:


The Event

With the successful launch of last year's Yew Tee Street Jam, we have captured the interest of our local media. This year we are going bigger, better and faster. Like before, the organizers will be introducing the sport of mountain biking and BMX to the community. Another community bonding through sports, mixing both fun and excitement, and sharing it with the community. This year it will be a 2-day event. On the first day, we will be showcasing Street BMX and a little fun corner setup for the little kids. For the second day, it is the time where mountain bikers show off with their 'machines'.

Date : 21 & 22 June 2014

Location : Yew Tee Hard Court

Event : 2014 Yew Tee Street Jam

Target Number of Participants : 130

Race Fees : $20/head (Passion Card member)

                     $40/head (non Passion Card member)

To apply for Passion Card (optional) please visit https://one.pa.gov.sg/CRMSPortal/CRMSPortal.portal?_nfpb=true&_st=&_windowLabel=CRMSPortal_1&_urlType=render&wlpCRMSPortal_1_action=ETMMshipRegister&_pageLabel=CRMSPortal_page_1&idProduct=792874


Event Format

Street Challenge (21 June 14 from 4pm to 7pm)



This section will be managed by Rayxtreme Pte Ltd. Course layout & design/ construction of man-made features are by Elco International. Rayxtreme Pte Ltd is a bike company promoting street culture and importers of quality bike products. Elco International is an event company specialised in extreme sports events with notable success in the recent Downmall Challenge held at Velocity.


Risk Management

Participants will be required to put on their helmet, gloves and covered shoes.
Man made features are at a maximium height of just 1.2M made of wood and fastened by screws, bolts & nuts.


Race Format

Participants will join the race as OPEN or ELITE.. 12 man made features will be placed along the course line. With 3 judges, participants will individually excute the features with their best move, trick or style. The top 3 best with their style wins the medals.


Any BMX bike, hardtail or short travel mountain bike. 


Event Features



Urban Challenge (22 June 2014 from 8am to 2pm)



Doing tricks other than just cycling on a mountain bike is catching on with the youths. Participants get to be in the 'air' for a few seconds and if they are good, they can do actions that does not seem possible. Tricks like X-up, table-top, lookback or the regular whip are all time favourites.

A total of 6 man made features will be placed to form a circuit whereby participants need to complete the circuit within the shortest time.


Risk management

Participants will be required to put on Full Face helmet, covered shoes with long pants. Participants will take turn to complete the circuit one at a time. To ensure accurate time-keeping, such does not happen. They will only enter into the circuit after the previous participant leaves.



Any type of bike is allowed. It can be a BMX or Hardtail/Short/Long travel bike. It falls back on the rider's preference. 


Race Features



Junior : Any bikes, any gender for 6 years old to 16 years old

Veterans : Any bikes, any gender for 40 years & above

Female : Any bikes for 12 years old & above

Open Category A: (Short Travel): Any bikes with front fork travel of not more than 140mm

Open Category B (Mid Travel) : Any bikes with front fork travel of between 141mm to 179mm

Open Category C (Long Travel) : Any bikes with front fork travel of more than 180mm

Note: BMX & Full Rigid mtb falls under Short Travel 





Indeminity Form

You are required to print the attached file, sign & handover to the Race Tag collection table upon collection of your race tag. 



More Information needed?


For more information regarding the registration and fee, please contact either Elco International or Bikezilla.

Elco International: https://www.facebook.com/groups/722914404391275/

Bikezilla: http://forums.bikezilla.com.sg/index.php?/forum/33-yew-tee-street-jam-2014/


We will update on the registration soon.